Animal Planet episode seeks Bigfoot in Cache County (Youtube Video)

By Nancy Van ValkenburgStandard-Examiner Staff

LOGAN -- Is Bigfoot living in Cache County?

That is the question that brought an Animal Planet film crew to Logan last fall to shoot an episode of "Finding Bigfoot" that airs tonight.

Producers interviewed Utah State University folklore lecturer Lynne S. McNeill for the episode, titled "Holy Cow, It's Bigfoot."

"What brought the show to Cache Valley was a famous YouTube video, shot in Providence Canyon, of young kids having a bonfire, and taping it," McNeill said. "There is a figure that stands up and walks away in the background. It's something they say they didn't see until they watched the tape."

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The teens, apparently trying to blow up a bottle of flammable liquid in the bonfire, don't notice a partially illuminated grayish shape in the distance, which seems to walk away about 1:03 into the footage. The photographic quality is too poor to determine the nature of the moving shape/figure.