How the apostates take over (Part 2)

Dr. Michael

In my previous column, "How the Apostates Take Over, Part 1," I explained how apostates used the cause of equality to gain a destructive foothold within the church.

Some of my readers have missed the point of this two-part column altogether, thinking it is about women's ordination. People will see what they want to see. The deeper point is that those who deny the core of the Gospel used an innocent issue, such the role of women in the church, to flood the church with non Bible-believing men, women, and homosexuals.

This is how it happened:

Initially, whole denominations acquiesced and allowed women to be ordained, but most churches still did not call women to be pastors. But with an influx of women into the system, something had to be done. So while the men worked by pastoring to parishes and parishioners, many women aimed at taking over denominational committees. Time and persistence had a way of succeeding.

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