Evolution: Science in Disgrace

Steve McGarryIreland

There has been endless debate about the conflict between the theory of evolution and creation. It would be far more appropriate to deal with the conflict between evolution and science. Why so? Evolution presupposes a continual development from the simple to the more complex. This notion violates both the laws of philosophy and science.

Law of philosophy. Nothing can give what it has not got.

Law of biogenesis. Life cannot originate from non-living matter.

Evolutionists maintain (despite all evidence to the contrary) that the first living cell somehow emerged from inanimate material. This in turn gave rise to all other life forms. That involves the notion of transformism, whereby one species is gradually changed into another. When this theory was tested mathematically it was found that the chances of it happening were one in one followed by three million zeros.

Missing Link. Great play has been made in the past over the finding of a so called missing link. We have had Piltown man, Java man, Peking man and so on. If evolution had taken place slowly over billions of years there would have been, not one or several, but billions of missing links. These are absent from the fossil record. The billions of years concept is used to reduce the visibility of this deception.

Interdependence. Throughout the entire biosphere organisms depend on others for their food, for reproduction, for habitat and so on. The Yucca tree for example can only be fertilised by the Yucca moth which in turn cannot survive without the Yucca tree. Therefore both would have had to arrive simultaneously and in proximity to each other after billions of years of evolving. That would represent one of the billions of miracles required to make evolution possible.

The theory of evolution is not science. It is non-sense.

Would educators please desist from imposing this lie on the nation’s children.