The American People Need to Grow Up

By Tim Dunkin STATESMAN SENTINEL One of the unfortunate things that has come to characterize modern America is the immaturity of so many of our people. I’ve written before about the infantilization of large segments of the American population by a variety of means – most of them at the behest of their own government. Every year, more and more Americans are reduced to a state where they “need” the government to do everything for them. This, I believe, is not an accidental state of affairs, but instead forms a part of the long-term plan of the Left to gain total and unchallenged power in this country.

Politically speaking, the Left has a vested interest in reducing as many of the American people as possible to a state where they cannot think, act, or fend for themselves. When brought into such a state of dependency, people are then under the control of the “benefactors” who “provide for their needs.” Instead of being self-supporting citizens who contribute to both society and their own benefit by applying their unique abilities and strengths, they become net drains on both the economy and on society at large. This is exactly where the Left wants them. People in such a state are extremely unlikely to vote against the hand that feeds them. They can always count on a large body of readily-available manpower to mobilize where they need them – to the polls, to the protest, to the riot.

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