Christian Pastor to Hold Easter Services at Local Mosque

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Rev Michael Moran is senior pastor of The Spiritual Life Center in Sacramento, California and he recently announced plans to hold his Easter morning service at a Muslim mosque. He said the idea of holding Easter service in a mosque run by the Sacramento Area League of Associated Muslims (SALAM) came to him in a vision,

“In my dream state when I was wrestling with this problem I actually saw a newspaper on my kitchen counter that said ‘Easter at the mosque’ and I thought, ‘oh boy that’s really far out, that will never happen,’ but the next morning as I was driving into work it ran across my mind again.”

Acting upon his vision, he called Dr Metwalli Amer of SALAM to ask permission to use the mosque for Easter morning service. After several days of praying about it, Amer called and told Moran that they would let him use the mosque.

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