Objection: God Wouldn’t Send Anyone to Hell

Wes MooreCreation Revolution

God’s morality is on trial today. Every day in our culture human being’s sit in judgment over the Creator’s moral integrity. Before we will allow him to exist, or to truly be God, he must first pass our “are-you-good-enough-to-be-God” test.

The reality of this test appears in the form of various objections:

• God wouldn’t wipe out entire nations like the God of the Bible did in the Old Testament. • God wouldn’t deny loving, committed homosexuals the right to marry. • God wouldn’t allow people to suffer like yours does.

It also appears in the form of the objection that titles this article. Have you heard it before? “God simply wouldn’t send anyone to hell.”

Here are a few things to think about when considering this question.

What is hell?

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