Magical Thinking: Mindset of Narcissists and Satanists

Widely respected Conservative Christian writer Frederick J. Hutchinson observes that magical thinking and narcissism go together like a hand and glove. Magic thinking said Hutchinson, is typified by the ridiculous proverb that if a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, it makes no noise, meaning that if a narcissist did not hear the tree fall then it did not fall since whatever the narcissist thinks, desires, hates, or lusts after is the meaning of reality at any given moment. Every step of the West's and America's downfall said Hutchinson, was led by narcissists such as Kant, Spinoza, Schleimacher, George Hegel, David Frederich Strauss, Feuerbach, Marx, Freud, and Nietzsche, to name but a few.

Nietzsche's "supreme vanity," said Hutchinson, was to declare, "God is dead,' prior to succumbing to madness." (Restoring History, Hutchinson, pp. 80-81)

Magical thinking is always preceded by a will turned to evil. Evil is an absence of good, of virtues such as truth, trust, respect, honor, and goodness. Magical thinking then, is an absence of good, which is why its' other definitions reflect this absence: deception, beguilement, deceit, bluff, mystification, bad faith, transgression, and subterfuge. (Deception, wikipedia)

Magical thinking is evil committed on behalf of propagating beliefs that are false, or not the whole truth, as in half-truths or omission. Deception can involve dissimulation, Big Lies, propaganda of the lie, changing the meaning of words, sleight of hand, distraction, camouflage or concealment. There is also self-deception as in bad faith.

A will turned to evil uses deception to enhance or protect self-image, to gratify self at the expense of others, or to shield self from anger, embarrassment, or criticism.

The narcissist views 'self' as faultless, when in reality his/her conscience is depraved, and a depraved conscience is the most destructive force in political, social, economic, religious, and cultural life. This is because though the intellect remains intact, reason is warped and peculiarly inverted, thus useless for pursuit of the good, the just and the true. In short, guided by a depraved conscience, reason is used in pursuit of the preservation of self-image/self-gratification at any cost. This is sophistry.

In a penetrating analysis of sophistry, J. Budziszewski observes that the sophists' view of reality is paradoxical because it ultimately denies reality. Sophists are shock troopers of evil says Budziszewski, and according to their satanically-inverted view of reality:

"Man is the measure of all things, but man has no fixed nature. Man measures all things by his words, but words have no fixed meanings. Language is not an instrument for finding truth, but for changing it. Those who can master it, master all. It is a good creed for rogues, and commends itself to tyrants in every age." (What We Can't Not Know, Budziszewski, p. 167)

Sophistry says autonomous man is a free-thinker, thus the maker of his own truth and morality even though sophistry denies the reality of both truth and morality. It says depraved man can unmake and then remake himself. Thus man is free to divinize himself as in days of old. Males can be females and females can now be males, or they can be androgynous, that is, transgender.

Sophistry's' favorite Scripture is "judge not." The only judgment is the judgment against moral judgment. The only sin is the idea that sin exists. The only truth is the idea that truth does not exist. Evil is the idea that evil exists in moral absolutes, true Conservatives, faithful Jews and orthodox Christians. The greatest evil of all however, is to dissent against America's utterly depraved Ruling Class.

Sophists are braggarts who love to boast of their reason, yet reason is actually escape from reason. By way of unreason, evil-willed sophists claim that God is dead and evolutionary theory is absolutely true, but sophistry also says that words have no fixed meaning. There is no truth in sophistry. Therefore, God is not dead but rather evolutionary theory is, for as it must begin with the spontaneous generation of something from nothing, then Darwinism is also nothing. This means that Godless evolutionary theory is as meaningless as spontaneous generation and the much-vaunted reason of sophists.

Sophistry is not only the religion of America's bipartisan (left-right) Ruling Class but as well is all the rage in contemporary America, even though it prefers longer, more intellectual sounding names to dupe the gullible. Thus for example, it disguises its' evil intentions behind outwardly impressive-sounding words such as postmodernism, epistemological relativism, antifoundationalism, pragmatism, situational ethics, sensitivity training, pluralism, multiculturalism, interfaith, evolutionary humanism, transhumanism, sustainability, positivism, rationalism, fairness, progressivism and justice, a word with ever-expanding meanings such as economic justice, 'gay' and/or gender orientation justice, environmental justice, animal rights justice, and so on ad infinitum ad nauseum.

Magical thinking does not remain on one level but rather falls ever downward. By the time it reaches bottom, it is the mindset of a Satanist.

In his novel "The Brothers Karamazov," the great 18th century apocalyptic prophet Fyodor Dostoevsky collectively characterized Hegel, Karl Marx and other God-killers as the Grand Inquisitor. The Inquisitor is not the devil, but his mind is in complete harmony with the devil's. He does the devil's work. The Inquisitors' mind is the satanic mindset par excellence.

Magical thinking is pervasive at every level of society in post-Christian America because narcissism has reached epidemic levels today. Dr. Carl Raschke is an internationally known writer and academic who for the past decade has been researching and explaining the effects of America's narcissism and apostasy and its global significance. He notes with alarm America’s downward spiral into the madness of demonic spirituality and points out that the decadence, pornography, mass murders, criminality, the ‘new religions,’ and Satanism in American culture have certain social and spiritual ties that bind them together, revealing that they are part of a similar spiritual genus. In “Satanism and the Devolution of the ‘New Religions,’ Raschke notes that Satanism is so widespread today that there are even U.S. military personnel who are members of secretive Satanist groups.

The Satanist mindset said Raschke, is a mystification (i.e., deception, beguilement, deceit) of the most corrupt secular passions and values:

“Satanism is but the spiritual Frankenstein created by a social order that has attempted to sustain itself without God.” (Satanism and Witchcraft: The Occult and the West — Part 6, Dr. John Ankerberg and Dr. John Weldon)

A "spiritual Frankenstein" has gained a virtual choke-hold on the levers of power and influence from within the White House to academia, certain corporations, the media, entertainment, arts, music, Hollywood, the Supreme Court, lower courts, seminaries, pulpits, and Congress. And this is why the post-Christian West is experiencing an upsurge in satanic manifestations, said Raschke. Only in this light can we understand why magical thinking, confusion, paranoia, murderous hate, pathological lying, apostasy, gossip, backstabbing, treachery, scapegoating and demonization of scapegoats, lawlessness, hedonism, apologetics for abomination, and a growing bloodlust now describe post-Christian American society.

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