Unspeakable Evil: When God is Dead There is No Reason To Be Human

Richard Wurmbrand was a leader of the underground church in Romania during the height of Communism in the early to mid 1900s. He was kidnapped by the secret police and spent many long years (they told his wife he was dead) in hell, that is, a Communist concentration camp. Wurmbrand witnessed literally unspeakably horrific acts perpetrated by Communist demoniacs against Christians and nonChristians in these camps. He often asked the torturers, “Don’t you have pity in your hearts?” Like trained parrots they usually answered with quotations from Lenin: “You cannot make omelets without breaking the shells of eggs,” and “You cannot cut wood without making chips fly.” I said again, “I know these quotations from Lenin. But there is a difference. When you cut a piece of wood it feels nothing. But here you are dealing with human beings. Every beating produces pain and there are mothers who weep.” It was in vain. They are materialists. For them nothing besides matter exists and to them a man is like wood, like an eggshell. With this belief they sink to unthinkable depths of cruelty." (Wurmbrand, Tortured For Christ)

As Wurmbrand notes, to Communist demoniacs nothing exists except brute matter. The supernatural Triune God Who created all men as His spiritual image-bearers is 'dead' thus it logically follows that there is no source for life, consciousness, soul, spirit and will, or for human dignity, worth, liberty, and property. Without God the Father America's unalienable (God-given) rights are meaningless. If man is not God's spiritual image-bearer, then he is less than nothing. He is "like wood, an eggshell."

In no Western thinker has the death of the Triune God been more clearly expressed than in Nietzsche's ecstatic utterance, "God is dead." And this is as true of Communist materialists and Hitler's Fascists as it is true of today's,

"...atheists and Satanists who rejoice in the fact (and) of the unsophisticated multitudes....Man has lost faith in God and in the Divine Truth that once sustained him; the apostasy to worldliness that has characterized the modern age since its beginning becomes, in Nietzsche, conscious of itself and finds words to express itself. God is dead..." (Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age, Eugene Rose, p. 60)

If the Triune God is dead, there is no fear of judgment for neither heaven nor hell exist any longer, thus there is no reason to act morally in this world. Morality becomes the whim of powerful beast-men.

Richard Wurmbrand experienced this first hand. He continues,

“The cruelty of atheism is hard to believe. When a man has no faith in the reward of good or the punishment of evil there is no reason to be human. There is no restraint from the depths of evil that is in man.” (ibid)

It was with good reason that Ronald Reagan described the Soviet Union as an empire of evil. Evil-doing was the norm there. For instance, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin wanted to rebuild the Red Army in the mid-1920s with super-warrior ape-man troops, humans crossed with apes in other words. This was according to a report in The Scotsman newspaper on 20 December 2005:

"The report claimed that Stalin ordered Russia’s top animal-breeding scientist, Ilya Ivanov, to use his skills to produce a super warrior. Stalin is said to have told Ivanov, ‘I want a new invincible human being, insensitive to pain, resistant and indifferent about the quality of food they eat.’2 In 1926, the Politburo in Moscow passed this request to build a ‘living war machine’ on to the Academy of Sciences, who engaged Ivanov and sent him to West Africa with many thousands of dollars to conduct experiments in impregnating chimpanzees by artificial insemination. In the USSR, a centre was set up in Georgia, Stalin’s birthplace, for the ‘apes’ to be raised." (Stalin’s ape-man Superwarriors, Russell Grigg, http://creation.com/stalins-ape-man-superwarriors )

Producing ape-man warriors was not the least of the evils committed by Communist demoniacs. After seizing control of Orthodox Christian Russia, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, and the Bolsheviks put into practice long-term plans to abolish on a vast cultural scale every vestige of belief in the supernatural Triune God, His Moral Law, family, private property, and other signs of “the capitalist petite Bourgeoisie.” By way of various satanically brutal forms of behavior modification, torture, psychotropic drug experimentation, re-education, and psychological terror tactics, Russians were systematically forced into submission while Bolsheviks stole their property, confiscated and perverted their children, desecrated and blasphemed churches, crucified thousands of nuns and priests, and in general, committed monstrous crimes against humanity which took the lives of sixty-million men, women, and children:

"The beast has licked hot human blood," said Yuri Martov. "The man-killing machine is brought into motion. From the first day of their coming into power...the Bolsheviks began to kill...wholesale murders, organized at the instigation of the Bolsheviks, were followed by murders at the direct behest of the Bolshevik government." (The Black Book of Communism, Courtois, Wirth, Panne, Paczkowski, Bartosek, Margolin, p. 736)

“About 200,000 clergy, many crucified, scalped and otherwise tortured, were killed during the approximately 60 years of communist rule in the former Soviet Union, a Russian commission reported this week. In addition, another 500,000 religious figures were persecuted and 40,000 churches destroyed in the period from 1922 to 1980, the report said. Half the country’s mosques and more than half the synagogues were also destroyed”Clergymen were crucified on churches’ holy gates, shot, scalped [and] strangled,”said Alexander Yakovlev, head of the Commission for the Rehabilitation of the Victims of Political Repression. The commission prepared the report for Russian President Boris Yeltsin. “I was especially shocked by accounts of priests turned into columns of ice in winter,” Yakovlev said. “It was total cruelty.”

( http://www.paulbogdanor.com/left.html )

When God is dead in the hearts of men, all things, no matter how perverse, sadistic, and abominable are possible. Where there is no fear of eternal judgment, men will do whatever they can get away with doing, just as is happening right here in America.

When power is not bound by the “ought” of morality required by God, then the powerful will reward anything, from crossing apes with humans to hosting 'gay' (sodomy) pride parades to murdering millions of people if it benefits their desires, and they will punish whoever hinders and/or displeases them.

In his "Philosophical Dialogues," Ernest Renan observed that the surest way to guarantee oneself absolute power in an atheist society is not to threaten people with a supernatural concept of hell but rather to institute a real hell guarded and controlled by beings devoid of conscience and entirely devoted to the government in power,

"...obedient machines, unencumbered by moral scruples and prepared for every sort of cruelty." (Black Book of Communism, p. 755)

Unspeakable evil, this is what Richard Wurmbrand experienced in his eight years of communist detention. Communist atheists were demoniacs--obedient machines--- who allowed no place for Jesus Christ in their hearts, therefore said Wurmbrand,

“... I decided I would leave not the smallest place for Satan in mine.”

In the end Renan is wrong, for earthly hells, no matter how unspeakably evil, pale in comparison to the real thing which awaits all God-haters, who though they deny the existence of their own souls, nevertheless have them. In "City of God," St. Augustine observes that even though the soul is immortal, it still suffers a kind of death when God forsakes it,

"...in that penal and everlasting punishment....the soul is...said to die because it does not live in connection with God (meaning that) though man does not cease to feel, yet because this feeling is neither sweet... nor wholesome (but) painfully penal, it is (called) death rather than life." (St. Augustine's City of God, Chapter 2, Of that Death Which Can Affect an Immortal Soul, and of that to Which the Body is Subject)

@Linda Kimball