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Our present age is one of great uncertainty. There is a pervasive knowing among hundreds of millions of people on this planet that we are moving towards some great impending disaster or cataclysm. It is a collective knowing that is primal and ancient in its instincts, like the way animals behave before an earthquake. In addition, to those who are awake, there is the knowledge of the gathering forces of evil. Historically, this kind of sociological environment leads to a kind mass gambling mentality.

People begin to throw the dice with their lives, marriages, and morals. They do not know what tomorrow may bring, or even if there will be a tomorrow? This was the climate of the French Revolution, where a topless woman rode on horseback as a human symbol of the goddess of reason. French philosophers, like Rousseau, fueled the flames of a humanist revolution which rejected the notion of a God and His laws. Orgies were held in the sanctuaries of the churches, and a bloody and violent revolution occurred. Thousands were beheaded on the guillotines and the radical, Robespierre, began his, “Reign of Terror.” The French philosophers and revolutionaries overthrew the power of the church and replaced it with the power of man. The idea of an irrational universe with no Personal God, just random chance and luck, produces a fertile climate for totalitarianism.

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