Rise of Luciferic Gnostic Christianity: The "Q" Document and Treaty with Lucifer

Writing for the American Spectator, Mark Tooley reported: "About 700 mostly young evangelicals convened this week amid the soaring Doric columns of the august Andrew Mellon Auditorium in the Federal Triangle of Washington, D.C. It was the fifth convocation of “Q,” which aims to provoke cultural and political conversation among Christians." http://patriotsandliberty.com/?p=16839

"Q" or the Q source (also Q document, Q Gospel, Q Sayings Gospel) is a hypothetical collection of sayings attributed by James Robison of the Jesus Seminar to Jesus. The Jesus Seminar is comprised of apostate Gnostic scholars who are busily reconciling Gnosticism with the Bible, a demolition project begun by Robison in 1985.

As president of the prestigious Society of Biblical Literature in 1985, James M. Robison issued a programmatic statement for the twenty-first century. He called upon his fellow Bible scholars to deconstruct their discipline in order to "lay bare (its) . . . biblicistic presuppositions." The Bible, said Robison, would no longer serve as the ultimate source of authority and as the definition of true Christianity.

In an essay titled, "The Paganization of Biblical Studies," Dr. Peter Jones writes that Robison's demolition project moves forward with great speed:

" We were warned. Ever since, Robinson's agenda has picked up momentum not only because the time was right and his message fitted the mood of the modern world, but also because James M. Robinson and his colleague Helmut Koester of Harvard Divinity School have done seminal work to bring it about. As a measure of Robinson's importance, Robert Funk of the Jesus Seminar calls him "the Secretary of State of the biblical guild . . . (an) academic counterpart . . . (to) Henry Kissinger." Both Koester and Robinson are past presidents of the Society of Biblical Literature. Both have been committed to a clearly defined program: "The Dismantling and Reassembling of the Categories of New Testament Scholarship," as one of Robinson's articles is entitled. One category they have successfully dismantled is heresy and orthodoxy."


Robison founded and is director of the Institute For Antiquity and Christianity at Claremont, California. Jones writes that the institution is devoted to the rehabilitation of Gnostic texts and theology denounced as heresy by the early Church:

" Within this organization Robison launched the Coptic Gnostic Library Project, which translates, publishes, and promotes the Gnostic texts. A great service to the scholarly world, it is also a powerful tool for the neo-Gnostic theological revival. "Secretary of state" is not an exaggeration. Robinson has been the leading force behind the "Q Seminar"...Robison is "an active member of the Jesus Seminar (founded by a colleague, Robert Funk); and director of the Coptic Magical Texts Project, which promotes heretical Gnostic and magic Christianity." (ibid)

In pursuit of his agenda, James Robison contemptuously dismisses the Church Fathers as 'myopic heresy hunters.' Their sin? They exposed Gnosticism as heresy, thus they must be burned at the stake because the future lies in reconciling Gnostic heresy with Christianity. (Jesus and the Den of Thieves, SCP Journal, Vol. 20:3-4, 1996, p. 21)

A brief summary of demonically-inverted Luciferic Gnostic belief follows:

1. In the ancient history that forms the religions from Abraham, it is the god we now know as Satan or Lucifer along with other senior gods that were our genetic creators. This history has been hidden and deliberately confused for thousands of years so that only a handful of people understand this, while most just worship "God".

( http://one-faith-of-god.org/covenant/one_faith_0120.htm )

2.The God of the Old Testament is the "jealous god", the "vengeful god" that demanded human sacrifices, blood and war (he is) actually Satan pretending to be god.

3.The god and angels we worship as Christians are really all demons.

4.The Old Testament is a forgery- created by the Persians to stop the ancestors of the Sadducees from sacrificing their children and worshipping demons. The scriptures are not the word of the true universal god at all.

5.The way to salvation is through self knowledge and the respect of all knowledge, not the promotion of ritual and ignorance of the double speaking Satanists.

(Supreme Bible of God,


With Luciferic Gnostics at the helm, peace is at hand, for they have made a pact with the devil called "The treaty of Lucifer and the end of Hell:"

"By this Covenant, by the will of God and the Covenant of One Heaven, Lucifer and our creators have signed an unconditional truce whereby they have ceased all actions against mankind. Furthermore, this treaty ends the war in heaven between good and evil spirits that heaven shall be united as One Heaven. By this treaty, all demons and all fallen souls are called to cease all negetaive and influence and assist mankind in achieving its positive goals. In return, Lucifer and the greatest of former demons are now recognized and respected as honored Great Spirits of One Heaven, with all the privileges of such senior rank. Furthermore, all demons who relenquish their ways are now recognized as heroes, themselves eligible for election and entrance into One Heaven." ( http://one-faith-of-god.org/covenant/one_faith_0120.htm )

Dr. Peter Jones describes the contemporary Church as filled with great darkness and adds that the Gnostic rebellion against the supernatural Triune God is accompanied by a seductive "new" Christless spirituality that is leading increasing numbers of "so-called Christians into a demonically-inspired religious occult paganism."

Already we can see the fulfillment of this in the One-Faith-of-God with its 'green' Supreme Bible of God---a gender and religion inclusive interfaith planetary Satanic Bible that is part of the brave new world of the Age of Aquarius awaiting us in the up-coming millennium.

@Linda Kimball