Why Are Americans Easily Seduced by Sorcerer's Magic?

Over in the Free Republic forum, conservatives are deeply dismayed by the fact that vast numbers of Americans (including large numbers of Christians) have been seduced by Obama's and Romney's doctrinal magic and sorcerer's tricks of misdirection and fundamental misdirection. They wonder why people are so readily seduced, deceived and manipulated. The success of magic relies on a number of ultimately destructive forces at work within both the sorcerer and his victims.

First off, there must be within the sorcerer and his intended victim a weakness, an unfulfilled desire or longing for ‘something’ that renders him/her vulnerable to seduction. Second, there must be within the sorcerer a lust for power and within the intended victim a willingness to be seduced, an openness to being overcome, a readyness to view the world and other people darkly through the lens of the sorcerer.

And finally, it would not be possible for magic to seduce if seeds of discontent were not within each and every one of us. Scripture calls this the fallen nature of man.

In the story of Jekyll and Hyde, the sorcerer is an unseen power that works on and successfully seduces Dr. Jekyll who then mixes up a magic elixir. When the magic elixir was applied to Jekyll's seeds of discontent he was transformed into Mr. Hyde, Karl Marx into a demonically-occluded monster, Nietzsche into a madman, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin and Hitler into mass-murderers and Obama into a pompous narcissist. When applied by manipulative Sorcerers to certain segments of our population the transformation is into a mindless mob screaming for the death of George Zimmerman.

@Linda Kimball