America's 'Socially Just' Upside-Down Society

For the past sixty years all aspects of our lives and all of our socio-political and religious institutions have been moving away from America's founding Christian-based principles and toward the tyranny of socialism, egality, and social justice. Very slowly at first and then more quickly America's Rule of Law, God-endowed rights, guaranteed property and a common American identity have been intentionally deconstructed and inverted so that today our society is upside-down with the worst of our kind in positions of control, influence and power. The quest for egality is fueled by envy and requires elimination of all differences. But since people really are different, for example some are braver, brighter and more successful than others who are perhaps lazy, indolent, rebellious, and resentful, then only force through psychological bullying and other terror inducing tactics can cover up the differences.

Hungarian born historian Balint Vazsonyi fled socialist tyranny in his native Hungary and upon coming to America worked to safeguard our freedoms and restore our imperiled founding principles which he saw were under assault by forces of tyranny. In his book, "America's 30 Years War," Vazsonyi writes that the insane quest for egality takes the political form of social justice.

Having lived and suffered under the malign effects of social justice Vazsonyi knows whereof he speaks. All definitions of social justice, said Vazsonyi, can be boiled down to any of the following:

1. somebody should have the power to determine what you can have, or 2. somebody should have the power to determine what you cannot have, or 3. somebody should have the power to determine what to take away from you in order to give it to others who receive it without any obligation to earn it (Vazsonyi, p. 53)

The quest for social justice said Vazsonyi,

"displays the irresistable charm of the temptress and the armament of the enraged avenger, because it adorns itself in intoxicating cliches and wears the insignia of the highest institutions of learning. Like a poisonous snake, it radiates brilliant colors. Like the poppies in 'The Wizard of Oz,' it lulls the mind to sleep." (pp. 53-54)

In other words, the poisonous snake appeals first to pride and then to covetousness, jealousy, resentment, envy and hate while the methodology it proposes calls for "unlimited discretionary powers be concentrated in the hands of a small, self-perpetuating group in which membership" is by invitation only.

Membership of the elite group typically falls into two categories:

1. Self-righteous utopianists who purport to know what is best for all people, particularly 'socially oppressed' client and/or victims groups. Utopianists believe that with enough power and money they can save the planet, save oppressed victims of social injustice, and perfect man and society. As they are completely impervious to their own capacity for wrongdoing, like stiff-necked bulls in a china shop, they trample, smash, plunder, bankrupt, and in general cause great suffering on behalf of the quest for social justice, saving the planet, etc.

2. Those who crave unchecked power and license. These are the 'oppressed' victims, the psychological terrorists who want to believe that they have a 'right' to whatever they covet and are in no way responsible for their suffering, real or imagined. Victims are the 'patients' of the do-gooders who enable and perpetuate their feelings of victimhood in order to empower themselves. In contemporary America professional victims are categorized within 'special rights groups.'

As the relationship between do-gooders (i.e., Obama, Jackson, Sharpton) and their client groups is parasitic (enabler/enabled) society must be turned upside-down in order that parasites can feed off of the larger body. Top-heavy with parasites, the upside-down society is a total inversion of reality wherein good is evil, truth is lie, abnormal is normal, and law is used for 'legalized' plunder.

In an upside-down society the covetous (envy-filled souls) are enabled to believe that they’ve been wrongly denied the property (i.e., status, wealth, success) of other people. The one who is envied becomes the evil-doer rather than the covetous one.

The violence-filled soul is enabled to believe that people who are the objects of its’ hate deserve not only to be hated but likewise deserve whatever violence befalls them.

The lazy, slovenly, and indolent (i.e. Occupiers) are applauded and financially and legally empowered rather than condemned.

Pathological liars are enabled to believe that their lies are ‘personal truth claims’ deserving of respect and consideration.

And of course the promiscuous and “gays” are enabled to believe that state-and-school-sanctioned promiscuity, sodomy, bestiality, lesbianism, pedophillia, and pederasty really are valid expressions of ‘normal love’ deserving of rights which are really privileges.

Vazsonyi writes that 'branding' is the psychological weapon used by do-gooders and their patients against their intended victims to insure that no one dares argue with corrupted words, corrupted law, corrupted science and legalized plunder. The current, constantly expanding roster of brandings ranges from 'cold-hearted' and 'unfair' through 'fundamentalist' 'sexist' 'homophobic' 'racist' 'xenophobic' and 'hater of science.'

Three important characteristics must be noted. First, all who accept victim status are unconditionally exempt from branding. Second, the concept of branding was developed in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. And third, branding prepares society for the gradual introduction of political crime.

Vazsonyi notes that by definition, political crimes take the "form of speech, publication, association, or assembly, not held to be desirable by the government of the day." (p. 169)

Hate crime laws and speech codes are species of political crime.

The submission of American society in the violent use of branding has paved the way for the effective invalidation of the U.S. Constitution, Rule of Law, and wholesale destruction of our way of life.

Thus whereas in the past our Rule of Law called for the punishment of those who inflict harm on others, today amoral broken-law is used by the evil-minded to inflict harm on the good, decent, and law-abiding.

It is said that courage is the first of the virtues because without it paralysis induced by fear keeps people from acting upon their moral convictions and speaking truth. Thus bringing about a general state of paralyzing fear, apathy, and submission---the chains of tyranny---is the purpose behind branding and/or psychological terrorism. The antidote is courage and the Light of Truth. Truth, and the courage to speak it will set you---all of us--- free.

@Linda Kimball