Pictures of attack on Patriots Day Tea Party Rally by 'Gays' and 'Occupiers'

Massresistance Update On Sunday, April 15, the Patriots Day Tea Party event on the Boston Common was viciously attacked and disrupted. An afternoon planned for families bringing kids with speeches and prayers was completely overwhelmed by a very large, well-organized group of over 100 homosexual activists and thugs from Occupy Boston and local "queer" groups. They went right into the crowd, carrying signs with four-letter words, and screaming obscene and vulgar chants throughout the event, attempting to harass and terrify everyone. They even used a bullhorn.

The Boston police were there but behaved disgracefully. Only the Tea Party had a permit for the area. But the police made almost no effort to remove the rioters and eventually, to our horror, just stood off to the side and watched as they engulfed the area where the attendees were. At times, the speakers could barely be heard above the chants and screaming. They even disrupted the prayers. Only when a few of the rioters started to become violent did any cops briefly step in.

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