Illuminism: The Religion of Lucifer

The respected traditionalist metaphysician Rene Guenon (1886-1951), author of "The Spiritist Fallacy"collectively defined occult secret societies, Theosophists and spiritists of his era as the "Anti-Tradition," dark forces working through certain human beings to destroy all valid religious expressions so as to prepare the way for the regime of the Antichrist. He believed that while the majority were unconscious of the role they were playing a small number of people nevertheless formed a conscious elite who knew very well what they were up to. Members of this elite inner-circle acted as the "Counter Tradition," their insidiously evil activities destined to lead to what Guenon called the "Counter-Initiation," the satanic perversion not simply of religious doctrine, and morality, but also of contemplative spirituality as well.

Already, the tradition of Christian contemplative prayer that originated with some of the early Church Fathers has been satanically perverted. Cistercian priest Thomas Keating is a Master of the satanically perverted version and he even admits that the mind of the contemplative is centered on satanic kundalini spirit rather than Jesus Christ. He states:

“Since this energy [kundalini] is also at work today in numerous persons who are devoting themselves to contemplative prayer, this book is an important contribution to the renewal of the Christian contemplative tradition. It will be a great consolation to those who have experienced physical symptoms arising from the awakening of kundalini in the course of their spiritual journey … Most spiritual disciplines world-wide insist on some kind of serious discipline before techniques of awakening kundalini are communicated. In Christian tradition … the regular practice of the stages of Christian prayer … contemplation are the essential disciplines.” (Contemplative Prayer: Traditional Christian vs Dangerous, Hybridized New Age Version )

The "Counter Tradition" of the occult societies (i.e.,Roisicrucian, Illuminati, esoteric Free Masons), Theosophists and spiritists is an inverse exegis whose taproot stretches back to pre-Christian and early Christian era Gnostics. In his book "Spirit Wars," Dr. Peter Jones succinctly summarizes their inverse exegis:

“…anything that the Bible calls good is taken to be evil and vice versa. In the ‘Paraphrase of Shem,’ the Sodomites are the righteous members of the immovable race of Seth which is why they incur the wrath of the Demiurge.”

Gnostics taught a satanically-inverted exegis in which creation was the act of Jehovah, an evil Demiurge, a wicked angel or lesser deity while Lucifer is variously lauded as mankind's genetic creator, the first free-thinker and liberator of mankind, and the Son of God. Gnostic Theosophist Helena Blatvatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society in New York City in 1875 wrote:

"The devil is now called Darkness by the Church, whereas in the Bible he is called the 'Son of God' (see Job), the bright star of early morning, Lucifer (see Isaiah). There is a whole philosophy of dogmatic craft in the reason why the first Archangel, who sprang from the depths of Chaos, was called Lux (Lucifer), the 'Luminous Son of the Morning,' or manvantaric Dawn. He was transformed by the Church into Lucifer or Satan, because he is higher or older than Jehovah, and had to be sacrificed to the new dogma." (False Dawn, Lee Penn, p. 249)

According to Gnostics, self-created Lucifer preceded the evil demiurge Jehovah. And since there was no fall then Lucifer is the good god and the liberator of mankind.

Theosophy is what Paul called the devil's lie of 'nature worship' as well as an Illuminist philosophy, a syncretistic blend of Hindu Vedanta, Buddhism, spiritism, and Western occult Gnosticism, Kabbalism, ancient Egyptian Hermeticism and evolutionary conceptions.

Theosophy is monism. Over and against the Biblical description of the supernatural Creator outside of and distinct from His creation and/or nature is monism.

Monism speaks of one substance (i.e., primordial matter, watery abyss, world soul, Chaos) that may or may not be divine (God) and of which all things are one and in continuity with. The gods, man, and the universe (or nature) are all aspects of the one substance.

The Egyptian Sun-God Ra calls the one substance Nu (watery abyss) and implies that he evolved out of it:

“I came into being from primordial matter…I made all the forms under which I appeared by means of (or out of) the god-soul which I raised up out of Nu (i.e., the primeval abyss of water.) (The Long War Against God, Dr. Henry Morris, p. 243)

Rather than Nu, Blatvatsky calls the one substance Chaos. Lucifer said Blavatsky, "sprang from the depths of Chaos" meaning that Lucifer created himself.

In his classic work, "New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies," William Still writes that "Gnosticism has at its core the same belief in Lucifer that all the Illuminist philosophies do." (p. 38)

Occult expert Edith Starr Miller pointed out that Gnostics believe themselves to be gods. In her 1933 book, 'Occult Theocracy," she observed,

"Such was the excellency of their knowledge and Illumination who arrogantly styled themselves Gnostics, that they (feel they) are superior to Peter and Paul or any of Christ's disciples." (ibid, p. 38)

According to the early Church Fathers, Gnostic exegis is a conscious syncretistic distillation of pagan prototypes from oriental mythologies, astrological doctrines, Iranian theology, Kabbalism, Platonic terms and concepts, Mystery Religions and Christian salvation-eschatology. (Spirit Wars, p. 69)

Church Father Ireneaus testifies to the ever-expanding diversity of Gnosticism:

"Every day every one of them invents something new, and none of them is considered perfect unless he is productive in this way." (ibid)

All who adhere to Illuminist philosophies (i.e., Ancient Mysteries, Theosophy, esoteric Free Masonry and occult New Age spirituality) are Luciferians. Illuminism, said William Still, is the Luciferian religion that teaches that man,

"...can evolve, through initiatory steps, into a god state himself." (Still, p. 27)

In his 'Instructions' to the twenty-three Supreme Councils of World Masonry in 1889, General Albert Pike said,

"The Masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine." (Still, p. 26)

Occult expert Edith Starr Miller makes the connection between the Luciferianism of illumined Masons and ancient illumined Gnostics:

"Gnosticism, as the Mother of Freemasonry, has imposed its mark in the very centre of the chief symbol of this association. The most conspicuous emblem which one notices on entering a Masonic temple, the one which figures on the seals, on the rituals, everywhere in the five pointed star framing the letter G." At lower levels G signifies Geometry, then God, then Great Architect of the Universe, but to "those found worthy to penetrate into the sanctuary of Knights of Kadosh, the enigmatic letter becomes the initial of the doctrine of the perfect initiates which is Gnosticism." Albert Pike, said Miller, defines Gnosticism as "the soul and marrow of Freemasonry." (Still, pp. 38-39)

Illuminism fosters revolution and chaos, said Still. Its tenets are summarized in the following five points:

1. Abolition of all ordered governments and national boundaries 2. Abolition of private property and inheritances 3. Abolition of patriotism and nationalism 4. Abolition of family life and the institution of marriage, and the establishment of cradle-to-grave state-controlled communal education 5. Abolition of all religion with particular emphasis upon orthodox Christianity and faithful Judaism

Still reveals that Communism and Fascism have their origins in Luciferian Illuminism, as does occult New Age spirituality. In his book, 'False Dawn," Lee Penn writes that New Age spirituality informs the mainly leftist supporters of the New World Order. New Age draws inspiration from Luciferian Gnostic Theosophy and sets forth a vision of spiritualized totalitarianism, moral chaos, and a politically correct form of Social Darwinism that includes the following:

1. Praise for Lucifer, the light-bearer and giver of 'Wisdom' because he awoke mankind in the Garden of Eden from its primal unconsciousness. 2. Proclaiming that we humans are gods 3. Advocacy for population control by way of abortion, eugenics, sterilization, euthanasia 4. Contempt and outright hatred of traditional religions, with concentrated scorn directed at orthodox Christianity and faithful Judaism 5. Forecasting a pending 'selection' of mankind, in which progressives enter the New Age and reactionaries face extinction, a necessary price to pay for human evolution.

It should be noted that most New Age believers and lower-level Free Masons are as Guenon noted, unaware of the satanic nature of their beliefs because many people only pay attention to what appeals to them, what makes them feel good and what they agree with. The same holds true for Christian practitioners of satanically perverted contemplative prayer and other forms of Christless Christianity such as Word-Faith and the New Apostolic Reformation.

Dr. Peter Jones concludes that the Gnostic revolt against the God of Scripture and the resulting restless search for a 'new' contemporary, seeker-friendly, feel-good, entertainment-based spirituality has finally led many so-called Christians into a demonically-inspired religious occult paganism. Their eyes 'wide-shut,' their hearts have been captured by Illuminism---the religion of Lucifer.

@Linda Kimball