The Triumphs of Lucifer's Religion in America

"NCFIC Director Scott T. Brown told The Christian Post that today's modern concept of youth ministry is a "50-year failed experiment." Brown said that when he was a church leader in the '70s and '80s he could have been the "poster boy" for the youth ministry movement in California. However, he said he now feels that dividing children from adults at church is an unbiblical concept borrowed from humanistic philosophies." (Modern Youth Ministry a '50-Year Failed Experiment,' Say Pastors, Former Youth Leaders, ) Former youth pastor Boyd Dellinger, who is now the lead pastor of Heritage Bible Fellowship in Fayetteville, N.C. said with regret,

"I look back and realize I did more harm to families than I ever imagined....I see that more as I look back because I was usurping the authority of parents, especially fathers by having their children's hearts turn towards me – with their permission." (ibid)

Scott Brown makes two observations about the idea of dividing children from parents. First, it is not Biblical and second, it is a concept borrowed from humanistic philosophies.

More precisely, the idea to divide children from parents and adults is part of a much more ambitious, utterly evil plan to destroy Christian-based Western civilization. The origin of this idea is found within the modern Illuminist philosophies of global occult societies (and their modern derivatives), Theosophists and spiritists whose spiritual taproot stretches back to pre-Christian and early Christian era Gnostics. (Illuminism: The Religion of Lucifer )

Ancient Gnostics taught a satanically-inverted exegis which is the basis of modern Illuminist philosophies. Thus Jehovah is evil and Lucifer good and everything that the Bible calls good is really evil and vice versa. Therefore the monogamous male-female marriage is evil and so is procreation. Waging war against these evils means that conception must be countered with birth control, abortion, euthanasia, and sterility and early death caused by sexually transmitted diseases while easy divorce, alternative sexual arrangements, normalizing promiscuity, sodomy, and lesbianism as well as dividing children from parents are some of the means employed toward destruction of the family.

The ultimate goal of modern Illuminists within the UN and other high places globally is the satanic perversion of Western civilization in its entirety, including as a matter of course its Christian-based foundations: the Bible, all religious doctrine, morality, and also contemplative spirituality as well.

In his book, "New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies," William Still traces the historic role of Illumined (Enlightened) secret societies and Theosophists and their enormously powerful influence on the 'Great Plan" (global spiritualized communism) to utterly erase Christian-based Western civilization in preparation for global dictatoship.

Illuminism said Still, is the religion of Lucifer and it fosters revolution and chaos. Its tenets are summarized in the following five points:

1. Abolition of all ordered governments and national boundaries 2. Abolition of private property and inheritances 3. Abolition of patriotism and nationalism 4. Abolition of family life and the institution of marriage (calling for the dividing of children from parents), and the establishment of cradle-to-grave state-controlled communal education 5. Abolition of all religion with particular emphasis upon orthodox Christianity and faithful Judaism

Still reveals that in one way or another, Marx's Communist Manifesto and Hitler's Fascism have their origins in Luciferian Illuminism, thus Lenin and Stalin say,

“Destroy the family, you destroy the country.” Soviet dictator Vladimir Lenin

“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold; its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” Josef Stalin, (1879-1953) Communist leader of the USSR

In his book, “Cry Havoc: The Great American Bring-Down and How it Happened,” journalist and social historian Ralph de Toledano fleshes out the Illuminists diabolical program put in motion by Lenin, Stalin and an army of willing Progressives and other Western camp followers. He documents in chilling detail how a cabal of educrats, politicians, intellectuals, and Hollywood insiders were bank-rolled and controlled by a well-financed world-wide conspiracy that ultimately organized the strategy to undermine and destroy the American system.

Destroying the American system necessitates pulling down its’ support pillars said Toledano, and these are God the Father, His moral Law deriving from the Old and New Testaments, the traditional one-man-one-woman monogamous family, the restraint of man’s baser instincts with emphasis on man’s libido, respect for history as a guide to the future, cultural traditions, and a socio-political organization which guaranteed freedom without license. Of these pillars, the most important are the supernatural God and the family.

In part, the methodology is as follows:

Remove God and replace Him with Darwinism, scientism and atheism. Replace man created as God’s spiritual image-bearer with a quasi-Buddhist evolutionary-conception of communal consciousness (i.e., solidarity, oneness, collectivity, army-of-one), a view of man as soulless machine or beast, a cog of the god-state mainly controlled by libidinous appetites. Replace the raising of children in homes with day-care centers and state-controlled cradle-to-grave schooling.

In the Soviet Union children seized from their parents were raised in Detdomas, horrid state-run incubators where they were taught to hate their own parents, the Church, God, tradition, and morality. The Soviet god-state called itself "Mother/Father" State.

To bring about the destruction of America said Toledano, the evils prohibited by Christian-based society were to be encouraged and eventually promoted by way of secular-education, sex-education, and morally-bankrupt entertainment, music, art, perverted religion, and politics.

A short list of state-sanctioned evils includes: public cursing, blasphemy, pornography, abortion, infanticide, fornication, adultery, incest, pedophilia, sodomy, bestiality, hate, theft, lying, narcissism, and envy.

The ultimate triumph of Lucifers' inverse exegis would be an upside-down America wherein every kind of evil is good and is enforced by law and public opinion with all who oppose evil labeled insane and/or charged with hate-crimes.

Americans are the victims of a diabolically planned destruction by very powerful Illumined conspirators in global high places. Among their followers are some who hate God, some whose souls are filled with resentment and hate thus they lust for power over others, some who delight in wrongdoing, some who are social parasites, and some who are good, decent people tricked into believing that they are doing something good. It is to this last group that Boyd Dellinger addresses his remarks.

Dellinger said he doesn't question the good intentions of youth ministry leaders today and their desire for youth to know Jesus. He just questions the "humanist idea" and its' method of isolating children from parents and adults. This idea is not Biblical, said Dellinger. We have to go back to what the Bible says:

" There's something fundamentally wrong with the church's drive to say we can do a better job of raising your children than you can...God has appointed fathers to lead their children; not for someone else to do it just because they have a college degree or some seminary training. That does not qualify someone to all of a sudden become the spiritual leader of your family."

Lucifer's triumph is everywhere evident in contemporary America where order, truth, tradition, Biblical doctrine, and right and wrong have been destroyed to such an extent that those who seek to recover them no longer know which way to turn, and are only too ready to accept all the false ideas presented to them in their place and under their name. In observation of this, Albert Mohler said:

"People no longer know what they have lost, much less that they themselves are lost....The landscape is changing, the skies are darkening — and this is something we know with a... spiritual sense, a spiritual urgency." (Albert Mohler, The Disappearance of God, p. 158)

@Linda Kimball