New Age Spirituality, Evolution, and Shamanism: America's Emerging Worldview

British anthropologist Francis Huxley, the son of Sir Julian Huxley, and anthropologist Jeremy Narby, saw that during the 1950s a Western vanguard had begun, "participating in shamanistic sessions involving hallucinogenic plants (and) found, to their astonishment, that they could have experiences similar to those described by shamans." (On Global Wizardry, edited by Dr. Peter Jones, chapter 1, Modern Shamanism: Spirit Contact & Spiritual Progress, James Herrick, p. 17)

In a 1957 story 'Life' magazine popularized shamanism:

"In Mexico, American banker Gordon Wasson ate psilocybin mushrooms in a session conducted by Mazatec shaman Maria Sabina." Wasson described to his 'Life's' readers his experience of 'flying out of his body." (ibid)

Narby and Huxley report that "hundreds of thousands of people read Wasson's account, and many followed his example." (ibid)

The purpose of shamanism is to gain knowledge, healing and other powers through contact with spirits, demons, unseen intelligences, spirit guides, Transcended Masters, Elder Spirits, kundalini spirit, the dead, and beings from deep space calling themselves the Space Brothers and Council of Nine.

Three individuals who claimed to have had contact with the Council of Nine are the self-professed Satanist Aleister Crowley, the High Priest of Satanism Anton Levay and Gene Roddenberry of Star Trek fame.

Roddenberry has admitted to receiving the basis for his shows through contact with the Nine, and under their influence he wrote a script entitled "The Nine," about a group of aliens who would invade the earth and establish a new kingdom. Jason Kovar wrote that Roddenberry's script reverberates with the Scriptural prophecies about the antichrist and his new kingdom under Satan and his fallen angelic alien beings. (Gene Roddenberry by Jason Kovar, )

James Herrick reports that 19th and 20th century shamanism combines several elements currently reflected in the 'new' spiritual systems flowing over and across the West and America:

1. the rejection of Biblical theology 2. the elevation of either reason and science or intuition and science 3. a pantheistic belief in a divine energy permeating the cosmos, including mankind 4. the elevation of spiritually-gifted individuals who make direct contact with the spirit world 5. of particular importance is the idea of spiritual evolution, for

"great mystics or prophets might represent souls in a very advanced state of spiritual progress, who should be regarded as the rightful teachers of humanity, Masters or Secret Chiefs. (Wizardry, p. 22)

Among the most influential of these so-called 'advanced souls' was the Illumined Luciferian Madame Blavatsky (1831-1891), founder of Theosophy. (Illuminism: The Religion of Lucifer )

Blavatsky wrote that the modern evolutionary view is fully consistent with the magical tradition. What modern scientists say about evolution "clashes in no way with our kabbalistic assertions." (Wizardry, p. 24)

Shamanism has crossed over into modern evolutionary science and today's occult (Illumined) spirituality. For instance, the late John Mack, a trained psychiatrist and member of the Harvard faculty became a believer in shamanism through his extensive research on victims of alien abduction.

Mack's experiences with UFO abductees convinced him that the cosmos is filled with unseen intelligences:

"what the abduction phenomenon has led me to see is that we participate in a universe or universes that are filled with intelligences from which we have cut ourselves off..." The long story of mankind's "relationship to vehicles and creatures appearing from the heavens goes back to antiquity (and) it would seem that today's UFO abductees are continuing an amply documented tradition of...extraterrestrial communication." (ibid, p. 25)

With orthodox Christianity on the decline shamanism has stepped out of the dark and into the light of day. For instance, founder and president of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Dr. Michael Harner is lauded as the "white shaman" who pioneered the introduction of shamanism and the shamanic drum journey to Western contemporary life. Harner is recognized as the world leader in this rapidly expanding movement.

In one form or another, shamanism in conjunction with science and evolution is boldly asserting itself throughout Western and American society, including the Church. From Thomas Keatings' satanically perverted 'contemplative prayer' that opens the mind to kundalini spirit (making inroads into the Evangelical church) to Christianized yoga, Evolutionary Theism and Christians channeling messages from personal spirit guides to a vast explosion of channeling cults, light workers, divine light workers, and star seeds, "global wizardry" said Dr. Peter Jones, is "already on our doorstep."

And having triumphantly entered into the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant and Evangelical Church in one way or another, the “Counter-Initiation,” that is, the satanic perversion of religious doctrine, morality, and contemplative spirituality now involves the whole Christian Church.

@Linda Kimball