The Isaiah 9:10 Judgement

PatriotAction Network It is beyond comprehension that on Sept 12, 2001, the Senate majority leader (Daschel) chose a passage in the Bible intended for comfort but was in reality a curse. What is even more astounding is that three years later in 2004, on the anniversary of 9/11, the vice presidential candidate (Edwards) would chose this same curse to build his speech around as if it was a blessing. Then if that wasn't enough, the mind-boggling fact that the new president in September of 2008, right after the stock market crash, chose to use those same words in a speech of hope and rebuilding. It is clear beyond a doubt that these men, never read the entire passage in the Bible concerning Isaiah 9:10.

Just before this passage occurred, Assyria had made a running raid into Israel and completely devastated the land, destroying its towns and their buildings, the fields and forests, and killing many of its people. The Assyrians retreated back to their land leaving devastation in their wake. Read More: