Eyes Wide Shut: Slumbering Christians in Fellowship with Darkness

The Babylonian evolutionary cosmogony, Enuma Elish, was found in Ninevah, the capital of the Assyrians. It begins with an account of origins. Specifically, it assumes that life and all other things mechanically evolved out of water, or primordial matter. According to Scripture, Babylon was the original mother of spiritual harlotry and idolatrous abominations. Dr. Henry Morris points out that it was in Babylonia that ancient,

"priests were instructed in the secrets of astrology and other occult sciences, as well as the religion of evolutionary pantheism (Mother Earth, Father Sky), whereby the initiates soon 'changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator (Rom. 1:25." (The Long War Against God: The History and Impact of the Creation/Evolution Conflict, Morris, p. 254)

From Babylonia the remarkable complex of astrology, spiritism, mythology, polytheistic idolatry, and evolutionary pantheism eventually found its' way, in one form or another, around the world to every nation. In the modern West and America evolutionary pantheism has been masked in pseudo-scientific language and humanistic speculation (i.e., scientific materialism) and proclaimed everywhere as a sure fact of science despite the absence of empirical proof.

With the ancients evolution describes the progress (transmigration) of soul as it inhabits in succession the bodies of different beings over the course of thousands or even millions and billions of years.

In its' early stages in Christendom, the Roisicrucians, Theosophists, spiritists (mediums/channelers), and esoteric Masonry circles used the word 'progress' or 'progressivist' rather than evolution. Eventually the word evolution became preferred, especially by empirical Gnostic materialists like Karl Marx because it had a more 'scientific' allure.

In his critical analysis of Theosophy and Spiritism entitled, "The Spiritist Fallacy" the respected traditionalist metaphysician Rene Guenon (1886-1951) defines progress, progressivism, and evolution as satanic and adherents as unconscious Satanists because for the most part their hubris and ignorance blind them to the extreme dangers of the "infernal fire" they play with:

"..every theory that notably disfigures the Divinity should in some measure be regarded as satanic; and conceptions of a limited God and of a God who evolves should here be placed in the front rank...." Thus "evolutionism" in general and Modernist "conceptions" in particular are satanic. The 'immanentist' Christ-force of the Liberal Church is satanic because it "openly submits the Divinity to becoming." (ibid, p. 257)

Enormously influential New Age leader Barbara Marx Hubbard, president of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, published one of the first newsletters on evolutionary transformation called The Center Letter in collaboration with Abraham H. Maslow, founder of Humanistic Psychology. On the subject of evolutionary transformation Marx Hubbard has written,

"Christ-consciousness and Christ-abilities are the natural inheritance of every human being on Earth. When the word of this hope has reached the nations, the end of this phase of evolution shall come. All will know their choice. All will be required to choose..... All who choose not to evolve will die off; their souls will begin again within a different planetary system which will serve as kindergarten for the transition from self-centered to whole-centered being. The kindergarten class of Earth will be over. Humankind's collective power is too great to be inherited by self-centered, infantile people. (Barbara Marx Hubbard Happy birthday Planet Earth.p.17)

Apostate David Spangler teaches that Lucifer is evolution's seething energy and adds that because Christ is merely the other side of Lucifer then,

"Christ is the same force as Lucifer... Lucifer prepares man for the experience of Christhood. (He is) the great initiator.... Lucifer works within each of us to bring us to wholeness, and as we move into a New Age ... each of us in some way is brought to that point which I term the Luciferic Initiation ... for it is an invitation into the New Age.(David Spangler Reflections on the Christ p.44-45)

When the Communist Tower "fell" in the late 1980's, those who were busy scheming to impose global governance on the sovereign nations had a problem, said Tom DeWeese, author of "Teachers, Preachers and Greens…The Unholy Alliance to Transform America." Suddenly, the only super power in the world was the United States,

"... the only nation on Earth based on the ideals of limited government, individual liberty and free enterprise. If American bedrock ideals of freedom took hold in the emerging nations of the old Soviet Empire, global governance was impossible. What to do? The answer was obvious. Change America. Get her to join the community of nations with a proper attitude. Force her to learn her proper place. Target: America's attitudes, values and beliefs. And to force us to quickly question those American ideals, elements of guilt and fear would be essential."

(http://www.worldviewweekend.com/worldview-times/article.php?articleid=6597 )

Two specific targets were identified:

"the American public school system and America's Christian churches. These were the breeding grounds for the out of step American ideas." Of the two, orthodox Christianity is the most important because it is "the very source of those ideals, as stated by the Founders over and over again, came from Christian teachings. In short, Christianity is the root of American culture." (ibid)

The take-over of the American public education system has been accomplished. Thus today it is a major tool in the drive to destroy from within the American ideal.

The planned assault on the Church began in 1993. At that time 67,000 Christian congregations were targeted by a highly organized and well funded effort to supercede and transform the hated Christian faith.

The driving force behind the assault on Christian churches is the National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE). The Partnership is a formal agreement among four of the nation's largest religious organizations, the U.S. Catholic Conference, National Council of Churches, Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, and the Evangelical Environmental Network. In addition, The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) holds a special "consultative" relationship with the Partnership. Funding comes from (among others) Pew Charitable Trusts, Stephen C. Rockefeller, the Turner Foundation, W. Alton Jones Foundation and the New World Foundation, said DeWeese.

NRPE seeks to steer undiscerning churches away from solid Christian teachings and instead, become a driving force behind the modern revival of pagan animism and occult spirituality. NRPE parters with the New Age National Council of Churches of Christ Eco-Justice Programs:


In turn, the NCCC is a crucial member of the Earth Day Network,

"Behind the push to involve the Christian community in earth worship is the Earth Day Network (EDN). EDN hopes that influential religious leaders will move the Gnostic global agenda forward. (While They Are Sleeping: Christians Helping to Raise Up Global Tower http://patriotsandliberty.com/?p=17017 )

Earth Day Network's board of directors can be seen here: http://www.earthday.org/node/73

DeWeese reveals that National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE) operates out of an Anglican church in New York City called St. John the Divine, where 'worship services' are decidely peculiar:

"As the congregation sit in their church pews in the great Cathedral of St. John, the Divine in New York City, the priest stands at the alter, ready to receive a procession of animals for the annual Feast of Saint Francis blessing. Down the aisle comes a procession of elephants, camels, donkeys, monkeys and birds. These are followed by members of the congregation carrying bowls of compost and worms. Next, to the sounds of music, come acrobats and jugglers. In the pulpit, former Vice President Al Gore delivers a sermon, saying, "God is not separate from the Earth." (DeWeese)

The Cathedral is also the home of the Gaia Institute and the Temple of Understanding, an official United Nations Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). A prominent member of the Temple of Understanding is Maurice Strong, Secretary General of the UN's Earth Summit, which produced the Biodiversity Treaty and Agenda 21.

Strong owns the Baca ranch in Colorado where he has raised up many high places, including ashrams and a Babylonian sun god temple. The Baca is known as the Vatican City of the New World Order. Strong told the Earth Summit,

"Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring that about?"

The apostate Father Thomas Berry, a pagan "Catholic Priest," is another prime spokesman for Gaia and evolution. Berry contends that untransformed Christianity promotes a "deep cultural pathology of human greed and addiction." The earth, said Berry, is disintegrating and orthodox Christianity is to blame. In his book, "Dream of the Earth," (published by Sierra Club Books) Berry speaks of God as a supernatural force in the universe and adds that,

"we should place less emphasis on Christ as a person and a redeemer. We should put the Bible away for twenty years while we radically rethink our religious ideas." (ibid, DeWeese)

Today's occult spiritual New Age movement promotes the pantheist notion that the earth itself is the giver of life but that man is the destroyer of it. Disciples of Gaia believe that everything, including all life-forms are aspects of Gaia and in connection with the myth of evolution, believe as the Babylonians, that all things, including all life-forms as well as the goddess Gaia evolved out of self-created primordial matter. In this evolutionary pantheistic view, everything is in continuity with Gaia, meaning that everything is interconnected and to drill for oil or damage or destroy even a tiny insect is to damage whole ecological systems.

New Age spirituality relies heavily on the spirit revelations channeled through Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Robert Muller, Marx Hubbard, and Neale Donald Walsh that together form a comprehensive anti-Gospel, an inverse exegis setting forth a Gnostic vision of spiritualized totalitarianism.

The active participation of the Church, whether wittingly or unwittingly, in the subversion of Christianity and its'subsequent apostasy was foretold by Alice Baily's demon Spirit Master Djwhal Khul during the 1940's. Speaking through Bailey, Khul said:

"The coming struggle will emerge within the churches themselves; it will be precipitated by the enlightened (progressive) elements...the fight will then spread to thinking men and women everywhere who — in a protesting revolt — have denied orthodox churchianity and theology." (Spirit Master Djwhal Khul, Externalization of the Hierarchy, pp. 453-454)

With eyes wide shut, slumbering believers are in fellowship with darkness, for they have yoked themselves to Babylon's contemporary version of spiritual harlotry and idolatrous abominations and through them to the Adversary.

@Linda Kimball