The Cult of Satan in America and the West

"A group of prominent Russian scientists, including Russian cosmonaut Dr. Marina Popovich, PhD, as well as Victoria Popova, Dr. Sc., Ph.D., and Lidia Andrianova Ph.D. have announced a discovery of extraterrestrial communications in pictograms that extraterrestrial intelligence has placed in crop circles and in stone monuments around the world." (Russian cosmonaut Marina Popovich: ETs warn Cataclysms will unify human consciousness, ) Popovich, Popova, and Andrianova have co-authored a book “Letters of Extraterrestrial Civilizations: The Last Warning”, to warn the world's people that according to ET communications, the earth's weakening magnetic field has reached a critical stage and threatens the life of mankind. The authors believe that ETC’ instructions in crop circles indicate how to escape from global cataclysms which will begin very soon.

Watch a video presentation by Russian scientists explaining extraterrestrial communications:

Meanwhile, here in America a youtube video storyline proclaims, "If You Dont Believe in UFOs? Watch This! - Recent Mass UFO Sightings 2011"

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Throughout the contemporary post-Christian West and America, the terrifying experiences of UFO abductions are almost at plague proportions, said Gary Bates, author of "Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection." The secularized West and America are also experiencing an upsurge in Wicca, goddess worship, Illuminism, and other occult practices and movements resulting in spiritual (other worldy/demonic) manifestations, and according to secular UFO researcher John Keel extraterrestrials are in fact an other worldly phenomenon linked to the demonic:

"The Devil and his demons can, according to the literature, manifest themselves in almost any form and can physically imitate anything from angels to horrifying monsters with glowing eyes. Strange objects and entities materialize and dematerialize in these stories, just as the UFOs and their splendid occupants appear and disappear, walk through walls, and perform other supernatural feats. … The manifestations and occurrences described in this imposing literature are similar, if not entirely identical, to the UFO phenomenon itself. Victims of demonomania [possession] suffer the very same medical and emotional symptoms as the UFO contactees." (Aliens, evolution and the occult, Bates, Creation Ministries International, 2007)

Dr. Kurt Koch (1913-1987) was a German theologian who pastored and counseled those suffering from the occult in its various forms throughout the world, covering 65 countries and 5 continents. He reports that in his 45 years of experience he "has heard some twenty-thousand terrible cases." Unfortunately, said Koch, many secular (Freudian and Jungian) therapists simply refuse to recognize a problem exists and so perpetuate the problem through false diagnosis and resulting unworkable solutions.

On the subject of UFOs Koch points out that they appear most frequently in countries where under many different guises, including descent from the ape (Darwinism) and occultism, the cult of Satan flourishes. In the 1986 edition of his book, "Occult ABC," Koch lists 131 forms of occult movements, devices and effects currently flourishing in the post-Christian West and America. Among these are:

astrology, Baha'i, Charismatic movements, Christian Science, Hari Krishna, hypnotism, homosexuality, death magic, drug abuse, descent from the ape (evolutionary theory), biological feedback and mind control, legalism, rock music, speaking in tongues, spiritism, yoga, transcendental meditation, pornography, vampirism, symbols of peace, sensitivity training, distortion of character, frequent suicides, emotional disorders, ghosts and poltergeists and resistance to things of God. (Table of Contents, Occult ABC)

Koch argues that every sin connected with the occult cuts a person off from God and opens him up to Satan. The effects of this transgressing of God’s laws make themselves felt in different areas of a person’s life. On those actively involved in the occult:

"The family histories and the end of these occult workers are, in many cases known to me, so tragic that we can no longer speak in terms of coincidence....In our section on magic charms we have already given many examples of the tragic end of magic charmers. In many instances we see suicide…, fatal accidents…, psychoses…, or horrible death-bed scenes…. Besides the instances recorded in this study, there are numerous other examples of this kind well known to me, e.g., the leader of a spiritist group in South Wurttemberg who hanged himself, and the leader of another group who ended his life in an asylum. Perhaps we should also mention here some examples from literature. The famous medium Dr. Slade suffered two apoplectic fits; a pioneer in the field of psychical research, Crawford, who made experiments with the medium Kathleen Goligher, took his own life in 1920. In the literature of psychical research we continually find reference to such happenings." (What Theologians Say About Occult Practices, by Dr. John Ankerberg, Dr. John Weldon)

As for those passively involved, the consequences are no less disturbing:

1. Warping and distortion of character: hard, egoistic persons; uncongenial, dark natures.

2. Extreme passions: abnormal sexuality; violent temper, belligerence; tendencies to addiction; meanness and kleptomania.

3. Emotional disturbances: compulsive thoughts, anxiety states.

4. Possession: destructive urges, fits of mania; tendency to violent acts and crime; inhabitation by demons.

5. Mental illnesses.

6. Bigoted attitude against Christ and God: conscious atheism; simulated piety; indifference to God’s word and to prayer; blasphemous thoughts; religious delusions.

7. Puzzling phenomena in their environment. (Ankerberg, Weldon)

Regarding the parallelism between occult practices and Satan cults, Koch points out that,

"Brazil has 50 million spiritualists and innumerable Satan cults. The USA has its Satan-Pope in San Francisco---Anton Szandon la Vey, who boasts a Satan church of 200,000 members. Outside San Francisco, however, there are countless Satan cults in Los Angeles and indeed in all of California." (Occult ABC, p. 341)

As for post-Christian France:

"In the murder of 30,000 Christian Huguenots in 1572, France rooted out the spiritual and intellectual (Biblical foundations) of the country and later confirmed it in the godless Revolution of 1789." (Occult ABC)

Satanism and UFOs are of the same origin, said Koch, and added that the religion and philosophy taught by extraterrestrials is distinctly anti-biblical:

"The obvious purpose of these beings is to destroy faith in Christ and the Bible and to replace it with a fuzzy web of whimsies."(ibid)

In agreement, Ankerberg and Weldon write that among other things, extraterrestrials teach New Age philosophy:

"how incredible is it to think that literally thousands of extraterrestrials would fly millions or billions of light-years simply to teach New Age philosophy, deny Christianity, and support the occult...Why would they consistently lie about things which we know are true, and why would they purposefully deceive their contacts?" (Alien Intrution: UFOs and the Evolution Connection, Gary Bates, p. 159)

Dr. Carl Raschke is an internationally known writer and academic who for the past decade has been researching and explaining the terrible effects of occultism in the post-Christian West and America as well as its global significance. He notes with alarm America’s downward spiral into the madness of satanic spirituality and points out that the decadence, pornography, mass murders, criminality, the ‘new religions,’ and Satanism in American culture have certain social and spiritual ties that bind them together, revealing that they are part of a similar spiritual genus. In “Satanism and the Devolution of the ‘New Religions,’ Raschke notes that Satanism is so widespread today that there are even U.S. military personnel who are members of secretive Satanist groups.

Raschke concludes that the post-Christian West is experiencing an upsurge in satanic manifestations. The Satanist mindset, said Raschke, is a mystification of the most corrupt secular passions and values:

“Satanism is but the spiritual Frankenstein created by a social order that has attempted to sustain itself without God.” (Satanism and Witchcraft: The Occult and the West — Part 6, Dr. John Ankerberg and Dr. John Weldon)

As occult practices and movements gain stature we will see an increase in their visible presence and darkening effects. This presence is already manifest in the explosion of pagan events, sado-masochist/gay/transgender parades and festivals, witchcraft, spirit lodges, near death experiences, astral plane travels, UFO abductions, lightworker networks, Christianized yoga, and more.

In "The Global Mainstreaming of Witchcraft," Linda Harvey points out that public events such as political rallies, Occupy protests, and the Olympics generate an energy that holds sway over us. "One can sense the crowd dynamic," said Harvery. Therefore, what happens when witchcraft and other occult practices and movements burst

"from the closet into mainstream gatherings? When invocation of a dark deity is the featured program, a world under its sway cannot fail to become enchanted." (On Global Wizardry, edited by Dr. Peter Jones, p. 58)

It is in the context of the upsurge in satanic spirituality and its’ increasing manifestations and dark effects that todays’ marked increase in ‘other worldly’ encounters can be understood, and it is Church Father Gregory the Great who makes clear to us just what is going on and why. After describing various visions and after death experiences in his Dialogues, Gregory remarks,

“the spiritual world is moving closer to us, manifesting itself through visions and revelations…As the present world approaches its end, the world of eternity looms nearer…”

Gregory adds that through these manifestations, which in our own time are much more common and widespread than they were in his, that we see the truths of the future life imperfectly because the light is still “dim and pale, like the light of the sun in the early hours of the day just before dawn.”

In other words, during Gregorys’ time mankind was being given striking and clear proof that heaven and hell really do exist, and that there really is a soul that survives the death of its’ body. Death is not the end but rather a door into eternity.

At no time in the history of mankind has the Cult of Satan been a worldwide phenomenon such that secular investigators have taken notice. Gregory clearly saw that the spiritual realm was even then approaching. The marked increase of our own time is a sign of its extreme nearness and must surely signal the approach of the end of this world.

@Linda Kimball