How America Will Produce the 21st Century Spirit of Antichrist

Business Week reports that the Psychic Friends Network is back. Made famous during the 1990s by its' infomercials starring Dionne Warwick, PFN has a new website and is now listed on the over-the-counter bulletin board under the symbol PFNI on April 5. (Psychic Friends Network Goes Public, )

Founded in 1990, the Psychic Friends Network had about 3,000 psychics at its height and earned about $1 billion through the 1990s. The company’s 30-minute commercials were at one point the second-highest-grossing infomercial on television after Jane Fonda’s fitness video infomercial. Then competition, poor management decisions, and conflicts with phone companies and customers about over-billing led the company to bankruptcy in 1998.

But PFN is gearing up for a relaunch, and part of its' campaign strategy has been to go public. So now the Psychic Friends Network is a publicly traded company, and some excited investors are planning on grabbing a huge chunk of PFN's billion dollar industry.

Psychic hotlines are just one aspect of America's fast growing occult spiritual industry. Watchman Expositor reports:

"Psychic fairs are commonplace in many US cities. Dallas-based Creative Organization has sponsored monthly psychic fairs held for the past fifteen years featuring crystal balls, astrology, palmistry, clairvoyants, seers, tarot cards, and rune stones ("Mediumcool," The Dallas Morning News, March 29, 1996, Guide, p. 30). Metaphysical and New Age book stores can be found easily in the Yellow Pages of many American cities, and the Internet is facilitating a cottage industry of "cyberpsychics." One psychic entrepreneur, Jonathan Katz of Encino, Calif., boasts of up to 250,000 tarot, I Ching or bioreadings a month through his web sites (The Dallas Morning News, March 19, 1996, p. 6-C). Yahoo, a popular web index, lists 363 on-line psychic services in five categories (" (Psychics, James K. Walker, The Watchman Expositor)

Psychics are mediums, that is, people who serve as instruments (receivers/transmitters) through which disembodied intelligences communicate and produce effects in our world. Occult expert Dr. Kurt Koch (1913-1987) describes the varied effects of mediumism in his work, "Occult ABC: Exposing Occult Practices and Ideologies." Among demon-produced effects are:

visions, prophecy, table-lifting, ouija board, speaking in a trance, automatic writing, death-spells, soothsaying, astral traveling, translocation, apports, aggressive magic, defensive magic, healing, dematerialization, and spiritist miracles.

The history of mediumism may be traced back thousands of years ago to the seers, shamans, magicians, and soothsayers of ancient pagan religions and occult practices.

In his classic work, "Earth's Earliest Ages," G.H. Pember examines the Scriptural terms used to describe mediums (i.e., witches, magicians, healers, necromancers). In each case Pember uses the Hebrew word:

1. Chartummim: "The sacred scribes" (Gen. xli.8) These are the magicians of Egypt in the time of Moses and Joseph and of Babylon in the days of Daniel. Though they practiced many other kinds of magic, their primary art was concerned with automatic writing wherein the hand is moved by a demon without any mental volition on the part of the human medium.

2. Chakhamin: "Wise men" (Exodus vii. 11) This word is joined to chartummim to indicate that the demon working through Egyptian magicians has turned their rods into serpents.

3. Qosem: A diviner (medium) who discovers the hidden things of past, present or future by direct spirit-communication.

4. Meonen: A mesmerist (hypnotist) who casts another into a magnetic sleep.

5. Menachesh: This word is connected with nachash, a serpent, and means a hisser, whisperer, or mutterer of spells (enchantments).

6. Mekhashsheph: A word applied to those who 'pray' to and/or call upon false gods (demons) and use incantations or magical formula.

7. Chobher chebher: One who by incantations and spells brings demons into association with himself in order to obtain aid or information from them. Pember notes: It is a common practice to open modern seances by chanting or singing hymns to invoke the presence of spirits.

8. Sheol obh: A consulter of demons. An individual (i.e., shaman, Hindu godman) who can communicate directly with demons without the aid of spells to draw them to himself. An obh is a soothsaying demon. This word, said Pember, refers to a person into whom an unclean spirit has entered such as with Elihu (Job xxxii. 18, 19). The demon actually dwells within (possesses) the person who divines by it, Lev. xx. 27.

Pember observes that there are two classes of mediums. Those who allow the demon to work through them but refuse to fully yield their bodies to them and those who do, like the sheol obh. The sheol obh are demoniacs, said Pember, who warns:

"..let us not suppose that the age of demoniacs is past: the lapse of a few centuries has not reconciled demons to the disembodied state, they are still as eager as ever to clothe themselves with bodies." (Pember, pp. 157-160)

A fascination with all things occult has taken hold here in America. Mediums, magicians, shaman, light workers, contact with UFOs, astrology, psychic hotlines, ghost-hunting, Wicca, Harry Potter, and Ouija boards are but a few examples of this growth industry.

Vishal Mangalwadi, India’s foremost Christian scholar, points out that when the Spirit of God departed from King Saul another spirit (demon) took control of him whereupon Saul fell into madness. His mind fueled with hatred of David and obsessed with the need to murder him, Saul squandered the nation’s resources and its’ army to hunt down and kill David.

The larger lesson for contemporary Americans is that when a nation turns away from God He departs and another spirit takes control. On this basis Mangalwadi warns that America could produce the spirit of antichrist in the 21st century if Americans do not return to the Bible and orthodox faith with,

“the Bible as the cultural authority – having influence over the Congress, over the courts, over the universities – if that does not happen, then the antichrist in the 21st century will come from America.” (Christian Scholar: America Could Produce Antichrist of the 21st Century, )

Mangalwadi is not referring to the individual known as the antichrist but to a society that has become individually and collectively possessed. One terrible sign of collective possession is the group-think, or group-madness that exploded over and across Bolshevik controlled Russia and Nazi Germany resulting in the murder of in excess of 100,000,000 men, women, and children.

In his own way, Oxford Professor Stephen Langdon (1876-1937) concurs with Mangalwadi. Langdon is an American born British Assyriologist who is universally recognized as one of the greatest scholars in his field. After thoroughly analyzing the ancient religions of Sumeria, Assyria, and Babylonia Langdon wrote:

"In my opinion the history of the oldest civilization of man is a rapid decline from monotheism to extreme polytheism and widespread belief in evil spirits. It is in a very true sense the history of the fall of man." (The Long War Against God, Dr. Henry Morris, p. 293)

Langdon's analysis bears a striking similarity to the decline of the United States. From monotheism (one nation under the Biblical God) and God's admonition against mediumism (Deut. xv111. 10-12) to the degradation of postmodern polytheism (every man is his own god) and then down to occult pagan animism (Luciferian New Age spirituality) in tandem with an explosion of mediumism---the contact with spirits that will inevitably lead to the return of demoniacs and collective possession.

Is Mangalwadi right? Yes.

@Linda Kimball