Call for crackdown on black-on-white terror

By Colin FlahertyWND

A state lawmaker in Maryland, concerned about “black youths” who are “terrorizing” Baltimore’s upscale Inner Harbor, wants the governor to send in state troopers to make the area safe.

Pat McDonough, a member of the Maryland legislature, has been accused of launching a “racially tinged publicity stunt” but stands by his comments.

“The Inner Harbor is a dangerous place for residents and visitors,” said McDonough. “And it does us no good to avoid this hard truth: Black youth are responsible for a sustained and dangerous period of violence in one of Baltimore’s nicest neighborhoods.”

The most recent episode of racial violence happened on St. Patrick’s Day. A white tourist was attacked, beaten, robbed and stripped of his clothes by a gang of laughing and violent black people, reports confirm.

The attack was captured on two videos posted to YouTube that are attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake called the episode a “bar brawl.” And the Baltimore Sun newspaper suggested that violence at the Inner Harbor was part of an “Easter tradition” of “kids milling around.”

After the beating, police commissioner Frederick Bealefeld told reporters that the violence was an isolated incident, not racially motivated and that only about 100 people were involved.

But two months later, reporters from the Baltimore Sun listened to the audio tapes of police dispatchers and discovered there were at least five times more people involved and much more violence, including previously unreported stabbings and beatings.

And according to witnesses and video accounts, all the perpetrators were black.

McDonough’s “aha” moment came two months ago when he and his wife were in the area for a charity fundraising dinner.

“This was a Wednesday night,” he said. “And when I stopped at a traffic light, I saw a hundred young black people in the next block over fighting and walking down the middle of the street.

“There were no police around. No police reports. And no stories in the paper. Violence and mayhem among young black people in the Inner Harbor is the new norm,” said McDonough. “And this has to stop.”

McDonough’s comments were echoed by many callers to his talk show on WCMB in Baltimore and by a New Jersey tourist as well.

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