In A World Severed From God, Up is Down and Mermaids were Aquatic Apes

In a two-hour CGI Special “Mermaids: The Body Found,” Animal Planet makes the ludicrous claim that mermaids were aquatic apes: “It’s a very radical theory on human evolution, but we have approached an age-old myth and really chased its origins" and we now suggest "that during the transition from apes to hominid, some humans went through an aquatic stage. This stage is argued to have resulted in “aquatic ape-like” creatures." This amazing transition occured after one group of our ape-ancestors journeyed inland while another "group branched off into the deep water out of necessity and for food." (Preview: Were Mermaids Aquatic Apes? Hollie McKay,

The reawakening of ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Greek materialistic myths during the Renaissance was accompanied by the theory of evolution. By the 19th century, evolutionary materialism had become widespread throughout Christendom and America.

As materialism is one-dimensional paganism it is hostile to the supernatural Triune God and creation ex nihilo, thus it denies both right from the start and asserts that life emerged out of nonlife-bearing matter (chemicals) and then evolved over time in many different kinds of bodies (i.e., amoeba to reptile to bird to dog to ape to man)as a result of chance and mutation.

The great heresy hunter Church Father Ireneaus described pagan 'Christian' Gnostics as the lawless ones. Each one of them invents something new every day in order that he can impress the gullible, he said. Ireneaus's observations fit contemporary neo-pagan evolutionists to a "T." Having liberated themselves from the supernatural God, His moral law and created order of being, like their ancient counterparts, today's lawless ones invent something new every day. And now Animal Planet has invented another transitory species, aquatic apes.

Out of one side of their mouths, neo-pagan evolutionists tell us to believe that because God is dead, so is absolute truth, universal morality, free will, and original sin. Yet out of the other side of their mouths, they brazenly proclaim that it is "absolutely true" that evidence supporting evolutionary theory is overwhelming. Some go so far as to claim that evolution is an established fact while supernatural Christian theism is superstitious nonsense.

Their claims however, are self-refuting, irrational, and based on a massive edifice of falsehood. Here's why:

Both fact and evidence point back to unchanging truth and reality. Truth is exact accordance with that which is, or has been, or shall be. History as it unfolds, is a record of truth and reality; of what works and what does not work; of what is right and true and of what is not. The long-term collective memory of unfolding history is knowledge common to all people everywhere over time.

Truth, as recorded over and over by history shows that the seed of wheat has never brought forth anything but wheat. We all know this is true; it is common knowledge. Never once in our long history has the seed of wheat brought forth tomatoes, or something never before seen. Yet tomatos from the seed of wheat ought to have happened at least once if evolution is true.

History records the cyclical repetition of the four seasons, year after year, down through the long history of mankind. History likewise records that the return of Spring is always, without fail, accompanied by the return of birds. Each kind pairs off, builds nests peculiar to its kind, and procreates. Not one time has history recorded either the absence of Spring or a robin mating with a bluebird or a frog. Nor has history ever reported a nest adorned with a porch, TV antenna, or swimming pool. Why not? Because just as the seasons must repeat cyclically, birds must likewise do what birds do. They possess no free will, hence must do as instinct dictates. Yet if evolution is true, one might reasonably expect to hear of extraordinary displacements upsetting the rhythm and pattern of the four seasons as well as to see evolved bird/frogs (brogs?) nesting in terraced penthouse nests. And why not? Evolved brogs are as likely a tale as aquatic apes.

Truth is clearly on display when mating season arrives and each kind procreates, as they must. Anyone who spends time around animals, such as farmers and ranchers, knows this to be true. Never once has history recorded lions, cattle, deer, pigs, or horses, for example, refusing to procreate. Just as with birds, these animals lack free will and have no choice but to reproduce as instinct dictates. No, it's only mankind who can freely choose to either procreate or not; to nurture and love babies or to sacrificially kill them on behalf of the great god Hedon (sexual liberation), Mammon (materialism, wealth), 'saving Gaia,' or some such pretext.

Over the long course of history, unchanging truth demonstrates that at no time have stallions ever deserted their mares in order to 'go gay.' Nor have mares liberated themselves from God's created order in order to go "lesbian." Horses are not free to choose to act contrary to nature. Only mankind is endowed with the freedom to act contrary to nature.

History has never witnessed even once, a titmouse dying its crest orange or purple nor a monkey putting rings through its nose, tongue, or naval. Truth reveals that only man possesses the free will to pierce and tattoo his body.

Despite that truth can be clearly known by reason, contemporary neo-pagan evolutionists willfully reject what they cannot help but know is true — that evolution is a hoax and mankind has free will:

"The first dogma which I came to disbelieve was that of free will..." Bertrand Russell, 1872-1970

"Everything, including that which happens in our brains, depends on these and only these: A set of fixed, deterministic laws. A purely random set of accidents." Marvin Minsky, artificial intelligence guru

"We are descended from robots; and composed of robots, and all the intentionality we enjoy is derived from the more fundamental intentionality of these billions of crude intentional systems." Daniel C. Dennett, Kinds of Minds

The contemporary West, from America and Canada to W. Europe and Australia, has gone mad because it has severed itself from God the Father Almighty. Refusal to anchor the order in the supernatural Creator declares Stanly L. Jaki, cannot

"but leave one with the fearful prospect of a radically random state of affairs. There stones would not regularly fall, but just as likely hang in mid-air or take off unexpectedly in any direction. There it would be most unlikely that the hatching of a chicken egg would yield a chick. There a flower would perpetuate its own kind only as an exceptional case. In other words, in a world severed from its Creator, lawfulness would be the miracle, that is, a most unexpected event." (Miracles and Physics, p. 29-30)

Evolutionary theory and the Darwinian mythos in particular, observed C.S. Lewis, is devised not to seek truth but to keep God out:

"More disquieting still is Professor D.M.S. Watson's defense. "Evolution itself," he wrote, "is accepted by zoologists not because it has been observed to occur or...can be proved by logically coherent evidence to be true, but because the only alternative, special creation, is clearly incredible." Has it come to that? Does the whole vast structure of modern naturalism depend not on positive evidence but simply on an a priori metaphysical prejudice. Was it devised not to get in facts but to keep out God?" (CS Lewis, The Oxford Socratic Club, 1944)

The West has been transformed into a massive assylum, and the inmates are running it.

@Linda Kimball