Rediscovering What Liberty is all About

Tim DunkinWorth Reading

This election season has so far been one of the most depressing on record, at least from the perspective of liberty lovers. The political conditions themselves were so positive – an incumbent socialist President whose popularity continues to tank and whose every effort at turning things around seems to blow up in his face; an angry and fired-up electorate that is genuinely tired of being given the run around on taxes, spending, and debt; establishmentarian politicians like Dick Lugar are feeling the heat and being overturned by activist, Tea Party insurgents. Yet, the Republican Party and the conservative movement in general are in the process of taking this once-in-a-lifetime set of opportunities and squandering them. In the recent set of primary contests, conservatives simply could not get it together to unite behind one conservative candidate and instead frittered away their strength by flitting from one candidate to the next, in turn condemning each as too impure to be worthy of their support. As it turned out, the one major Republican candidate who really was too impure to be worthy of our support is going to get the nod. He, in turn, has little that differentiates him from Obama, despite the frenzied efforts at reinventing him as a “severe conservative.” Hence, conservatives are entering into the general election with a socialism-lite candidate from their own party who himself supports “progressive” taxation, government-run health care, has raised taxes and fees while in office, as well as being simply pitiful on a wide spectrum of social issues ranging from gun control to abortion to the gay agenda. At least as far as major candidates are concerned, conservatives have been well and truly rooked this election season.

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