Texas Trounces Left's War on American History

Bill AmesTexas Insider

Many of us have heard the story about the religious, politically conservative parents who brought up their daughter to love God and America. Then she goes off to college. After just one semester, she comes home and announces that she hates both.

Thanks to conservative members of the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE), supported by hundreds of mainstream Texans, Texas high school graduates will be better equipped to reject the indoctrination agenda of leftist college professors.

The reason: In 2010, the SBOE created a balanced social studies standards framework.

The battle fought to develop these standards is well documented in my new book, TEXAS TROUNCES THE LEFT’S WAR ON HISTORY.

The SBOE standards teach our students that America’s good far outweighs her bad, that our Founding Principles, our Judeo-Christian heritage, our strong roots in Western Civilization, our work ethic, and our free market economy are the basis for 200-plus years of America’s greatness and leadership in the world.

These principles will be the foundation for teaching U.S. history in Texas’ public schools for the next ten years.

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