Republicans Embracing 'Gayness": The Paganization of America & the West

In a piece entitled "Quietly, the Republican Party is Embracing Gays," Curtis Tate reports, "A quiet transformation is taking place in the Republican Party, which has begun to embrace openly gay candidates – and among gay Republicans, who now feel more comfortable speaking out in a party that may have accepted them but didn’t always show it. While differences still exist, the party is on the cusp of a generational shift in which the longtime foes of gay rights are replaced by younger party leaders who are more accepting."

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The post-Christian West and America are undergoing a seismic transformation of consciousness, a counter-conversion away from supernatural Christianity and toward one-dimensional neo-pagan spirituality the ideal of which is the androgyne, or in contemporary jargon, the gender-neutral "gay." Hence the "longtime foes of gay rights" are being replaced "by younger party leaders who are more accepting." In other words, the older generation of self-controlled, morally-informed Americans are being replaced by out-of-control, neo-pagan moral imbeciles.

While current Republican leaders may believe that their acceptance of gender neutrality is simply a nice thing to do, they are in fact unwittingly furthering the movement of spirit that is transforming the West and America.

In her book, “The Aquarian Conspiracy,” New Age insider Marilyn Ferguson identifies the “new” neo-pagan spirituality as New Age and adds that Western society is on the cusp of spiritual transformation.

Concerning the spiritual transformation Douglas Groothius writes in his book, "Unmasking the New Age,"

"But if the transformation is to be complete, it must permeate and overtake the Western mindset. This means nothing less than the infiltration and revision of major intellectual disciplines as well as the common world view of the person on the street. The One must move from the avant-garde fringe to the very heart and mind of society. And this is exactly what is happening." (Groothius, p. 51)

Writing during the "student revolution" of the 1960s, Francis Schaeffer foresaw this coming transformation and with it the obliteration of male and female distinctions:

"Some forms of homosexuality today...are a philosophic expression...a denial of the antithesis. It has led in this case to an obliteration of the distinction between man and woman. So the male and the female as complimentary partners are finished." (The God of Sex: How Spirituality Defines Your Sexuality, Dr. Peter Jones, pp. 78-79)

At the heart of both ancient and contemporary paganism is monism, which refers to the view that nature is the Ultimate Substance of which the universe and all life are made, thus “all is one” or “as above, so below.” Jones writes that pagan monism,

"... is a mystical, unitive experience, a state in which distinctions disappear and opposites are joined. Androgyny, on a sexual level, reflects and confirms such an experience." (ibid, p.79)

When wicked compulsions and moral imbecility occlude the conscience of a people, male/female distinctions will disappear into androgyny, then the use of toddlers, older children and even babies for the sexual satisfaction of adults will not only be tolerated but prized, hence the pagan sage Xenophon declared:

“I must now speak of pederasty, for it affects education.” (The One and the Many, Rousas John Rushdoony, p. 73)

Children will be handed over to state-sanctioned degenerates to be "sexually educated," that is, conditioned to use each other and to make themselves available to adult pederasts, pedophiles and other perverts.

That the subversion and perversion of Western youth is well-advanced has led India's highly respected Christian scholar, Vishal Mangalwadi to compare many of America's major universities to modern versions of India's ancient Tantric-sex temples.

Not to be outdone, the Museum of Science and Technology located in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, has raised up its' own Tantric sex temple in order to,

"...provide school children with answers in a scientific field where "reliable and comprehensive sources of information are rare or little-known." I don't know if you're familiar with it. That field is called "sex." (Canada's 'Scientific' Museum of Smut, Brent Bozell,

Bozell describes a "science" exhibit called "Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition" (warning: graphic language):

"The exhibit includes floor-to-ceiling photos of nude toddlers, children, teens and adults, and an array of heated, flavored, and textured condoms rolled over wooden dildos. There's also a 'climax room' with a round, low, leather bed, red curtains, a video screen showing animations of aroused genitals, and the voice of a man describing an orgasm." (ibid)

The museum explains, "The exhibition explains the physiological and psychological manifestations of sexuality from a scientific standpoint, answering young people's most common concerns in frank but tactful language." (ibid)

Of course none of this wickedness has anything to do with science as G.K. Chesterton made clear. He said:

"The stupidest or wickedest action is supposed to become reasonable or respectable...merely by having found any sort of excuse in scientific language." (The Restitution of Man: C.S. Lewis and the Case Against Scientism, Michael D. Aeschliman, p. 43)

In a world severed from the supernatural God, as the post-Christian paganized West and America are, dark is light, evil is good, lie is truth, mermaids are aquatic apes, males are females, females are males, and when they are allowed to live, babies, toddlers and older children very often exist to gratify the perverse appetites of adult perverts as has been the case throughout history. In an article "Hundred Years of Pedophilia," Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho writes:

"In Greece and in the Roman Empire, the use of minors for the sexual satisfaction of adults was a tolerated and even prized costume.(sic) In China, castrating young boys to sell them to rich pederasts was legitimate commerce during millennia. In the Islamic world, the rigid morals that ordain the relationships between men and women was not rarely compensated by the tolerance with homosexual pedophilia. In some countries this lasted all least until the beginning of the 20th century, making Algeria, for example, a garden of delights for depraved travelers (read the memoirs of André Gide, "Si le grain ne meurt"). ....In all the places where the practice of pedophilia receded, it was the influence of Christianism — practically alone — that freed the children from this awful rule. .....But this had a price. It is as if an undercurrent of hate and resentment had gone through two millennia of history, waiting for the moment of revenge. This moment has arrived. " (

That the West and America have rejected "the influence of Christianism" is made obvious by the subversion and perversion of kindergarteners on through to highschoolers in connection with the disappearance of male/female distinctions and the celebration of androgyny, or 'gayness' as it is called today.

The seismic transformation, or paganization of the West and America is working itself out in all domains of human life, especially in the domain of sexuality.

Christian theologian Herman Blavinck foresaw the reappearance of pagan spirituality in the West and America. In 1901 he wrote:

"Unless we are mistaken...the twentieth to witness a gigantic conflict of spirits...More serious and fiercer than ever before, the conflict is between the old and the new worldview."

@Linda Kimball