The ‘Gay Marriage’ Spin


The American people are not stupid.

Recently President Obama announced he’d discovered a new conviction in favor of homosexual ‘marriage” (conveniently timed to maximize his standing at a $15 million Hollywood fundraiser among the liberal glitterati). It was nothing more than a blatant attempt to fire up his base, particularly young liberal and independent voters: if they don’t vote, Obama loses big-time.

But the American people are not buying into his pandering. A CBS/ New York Times poll found that 67% of all Americans believe Obama’s announcement was “mostly for political reasons.” Just 24% thought his decision came “mostly because he thinks it is right.” Even half of the Democrats surveyed chalked it up to politics. (Ironically, a White House spokespersoncomplained that the New York Times poll was biased—an astonishing claim coming from the left.) Read More: