National Catholic Reporter's Manichean View of Good and Evil

In 1968 Bishop Charles H. Helmsing of Kansas City, St. Joseph (Mo) Diocese, formally condemned the National Catholic Reporter: " I am forced as bishop to issue a condemnation of the National Catholic Reporter for its disregard and denial of the most sacred values of our Catholic faith. Within recent months the National Catholic Reporter has expressed itself in belittling the basic truths expressed in the Creed of Pope Paul VI; it has made itself a platform for the airing of heretical views on the Church and its divinely constituted structure... the National Catholic Reporter does not reflect the teaching of the Church, but on the contrary, has openly and deliberately opposed this teaching. I ask the editors in all honesty to drop the term "Catholic" from their masthead....I further ask the editors and the board of directors, for the love of God and their fellow men, to change their misguided and evil policy; for it is evident to me that they have already caused untold harm to the faith and morals not only of our laity, but of too many of our priests and religious." (Text of NCR Condemnation: Bishop Helmsing charges Heresy, National Catholic Reporter, October 16, 1968

That apostates are brazenly attacking the faithful, deconstructing and reinventing the Bible and Jesus Christ as well as preaching peculiarly twisted, inverted messages from their pulpits is a sign of our times. Darkness has entered the whole Body of the Church from the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church to the Evangelical. Of course the mainline-Protestant Church fell into darkness years ago. Because rebellion against every vestige of authority, including the eternally unchanging Truth and Moral Law of God the Father is characteristic of apostates, the National Catholic Register simply ignored Bishop Helmsing's condemnation, and still calling themselves Catholic though they are not, they continue to serve the devil, as with their latest offering.

In an article entitled, "Soul Searching for Racial Justice," Professor Alex Mikulich begins by attacking U.S.Catholic bishops. They are guilty, said Mikulich, of not addressing "the fundamental issues of racial justice at stake for the nation" and for Trayvon Martin in particular because they are racists.

Mikulich, who co-edited "Interrupting White Privilege: Catholic Theologians Break the Silence," (Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books, 2007) describes himself as an anti-racist Roman Catholic social ethicist, activist, and scholar working to address white moral complicity and racism in the Roman Catholic Church and society. Thus Mikulich accuses racist Bishops of failure,

" address the social structures and culture that is death-dealing for African-American and Latino men and women in America -- the context for the Feb. 26 killing of Martin -- is a “supreme dishonor to the Creator” in terms of the most basic tenet of Catholic social teaching: that we are all made in the image and likeness of God. President Barack Obama implicitly invited Americans to notice how the Imago Dei is at stake when he acknowledged the universal appeal of the case to every parent in America."

Implying that the bishops are either blind to the evils all about them, for America is a land of institutionalized evil, or they see the evils but refuse to address them, Mikulich goes on to describe them as "oddly silent" about the,

"... institutions, unjust laws and cultural milieu that so violently deny people of color freedom of movement and human flourishing in America today. In terms of the Affordable Care Act and the need to address racial disparities in health care, an assault on affordable health care could not be more untimely."

Mikulich's self-refuting, irrational rant is crafted for and appeals to shallow thinking, morally-deficient, feelings-led people, especially the resentment and envy-fueled.

For example, in his article he refers to St. Augustine, a thinker noted for his penetrating analysis of and expositions on pride, which he said is the beginning of all sin, and on free will, without which man could not possibly be a sinner. All men, bar none said St. Augustine, are sinners, a message repeated many years later by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Yet having cited St. Augustine the author proceeds to subtly deny volition on the part of people whose skin color is red, brown, and black (the helpless victims) while fully endowing the “white-skinned victimizers” with free will and malignant intent. For how could white-skinned people possibly privilege themselves at the expense of “helpless others,” let alone incarcerate them unfairly, unless white people have the free will to do so?

When the supernatural God created mankind, He created all men, bar none, in His spiritual image. He created one race which was originally of one color. Only after the deluge did other skin colors appear. Yet all men were, and still are, of one race. The idea that there are multiple races of men is in fact an invention of deceitful men.

And Mikulich is a deceiver. Note that his warped “theology” speaks of multiple races of which those of 'color' are the innocent victims of an evil other, the obviously evil-intentioned “white” race. Now if multiple races do in fact exist, and one race--the white race---is evil, then God Himself, the Creator of mankind, must be guilty of creating evil, for He created them.

Mikulich’s black & white reasoning is both irrational and a great example of Gnostic Manicheanism which holds that there are two god-forces at work in this world. One is the evil Yahweh of the Old Testament and the other is the good God of the New Testament, sometimes said to be Lucifer.

This black and white view of 'all good' vs 'all evil' was attributed to the Gnostic Communists by Solzhenitsyn and harshly condemned by him because it facilitated the slaughter of millions of “all evil” men, women, and children by forces of 'good.'

The Manichean view allows sinners to comfortably forget their own sinful natures said Solzhenitsyn. And while in this condition of forgetfulness their pride vastly inflates, allowing them to clearly see the sins of others while remaining blind to their own. And so they come to view themselves as avenging angels, defending helpless victims by battling and utterly destroying the forces of all-evil.

We need to see that the very dangerous Manichean view is at work in our country. The all-good forces are social, environmental, gender and racial justice seeking Gnostic Liberals who see it as their mission in life to utterly destroy the all-evil forces---Catholic Bishops and other white theologians and faithful Christians, white straight conservatives, capitalists, etc. And just as it did in Russia, the Manichean view justifies the doing of evil to all people bearing the label “all-evil.”

Professor Alex Mikulich is an unrighteous man as are all hypocrites, including the National Catholic Register. These sinners point the finger of blame against others while conveniantly forgetting their own wickedness:

There is not a righteous man on earth who does what is right and never sins. Ecclesiastes 7:20

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Romans 3:23

@Linda Kimball