'Boredom' proves to be trigger for 'flash mobs'

WNDBy Chuck Ross

A new study suggests “flash mobs” are launched because of boredom and the desire to “provoke older people and make havoc.”

Described by one youth in a newly published study as a gathering in which “a certain age group of children go … to provoke older people and make havoc,” some flash mobs have turned violent, with large-scale attacks taking place most recently in Norfolk, Va., and Newark, N.J.

Organizers in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, recently canceled the annual Coventry Arts Street Fair because 1,000 young people disrupted the event in “flash mob fashion” last year by fighting and “running at reckless abandon.”

Though many of the mobs are organized through social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, the study, compiled by the Kansas City Area Education Research Consortium (KC-AERC), shows that many of the large groups organize through text messaging or word of mouth. Read More: http://www.wnd.com/2012/05/boredom-proves-to-be-trigger-for-flash-mobs/