Christian Business Owners: No Rights in NM Organized homosexuality has prevailed again, this time with the help of a court in New Mexico. It has told a Christian photographer that she trespassed state law when she refused to photograph two lesbians at their “commitment ceremony.”

Judge Timothy Garcia of the state’s court of appeals upheld a ruling by New Mexico’s Civil Rights Commission that fined the owners of Elane Photography nearly $7,000 for its refusal to accept business from the two women.

Garcia’s ruling essentially says that “gay rights” trump the religious rights of every employer and business in the state.

The trouble began for Elaine and John Huguenin, owners of Elane’s Photography, in 2008 when Vanessa Willock inquired about hiring Mrs. Huguenin to photograph her “commitment ceremony” to her lesbian partner. New Mexico does not allow homosexual marriage.

As the court described it, Huguenin was civil in her answer: “Elane Photography quickly responded, thanking Willock for her interest but explaining that Elane Photography photographs ‘traditional weddings,’ ” the court wrote.

Unsure what Elane Photography meant by “traditional weddings,” Willock sent a second email asking Elane Photography to clarify whether it “does not offer [its] photography services to same-sex couples.” Elane Photography responded affirmatively, stating, “[y]es, you are correct in saying we do not photograph same-sex weddings,” and again thanked Willock for her interest in Elane Photography.

Of course, Willock knew exactly what Mrs. Huguenin meant by “traditional weddings,” so the angry woman then, apparently, importuned her lesbian partner to set the photographer up for the discrimination claim.