Tim Dunkin: Liberty Values

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the need for many, perhaps most, Americans to rediscover what the foundations of our system of liberty are all about. A goodly portion of our country has forgotten what the values are, specifically, that made this nation a bastion of freedom in a world of tyranny, allowing her to serve as that "city upon a hill" to whom so many would look for inspiration in their own struggles for liberty. I hate to say it, but even many conservatives have lost sight of the principles and worldview that formed the foundations of our liberty. It's time for liberty lovers to start reminding our fellow Americans about what liberty is, and teaching those in the younger generations who have perhaps never learned this important lesson. I would like to present below six areas Æ’{ liberty values Æ’{ that we must internalize and teach to our fellow citizens. First, the buttress of liberty is the understanding that liberty is rooted in nothing less than natural law, that liberty is a state of existence that by nature and the laws of nature's God belong to every human being. It is because of the natural, inhering character of this law that we can talk about having "rights." Rights exist because they are mankind's common property, apart from any social system or government, and therefore are not justly infringed or overthrown by any society or government. When we talk about our rights, we're not talking about things that government has granted to us, but of things that are inherent in our very beings as a result of our being made in the image of God, and being given these rights to enjoy by Him.

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