New Mexico Court Decides Against Religious Freedom and For Gender-Neutral Partners A New Mexico Court of Appeals has sided with a homosexual couple that sued a Christian photographer on the grounds that the business had violated the state’s discrimination law. They did so even though the photographer, Elane Hugenin, respectfully declined to accept the job. This business owner explained to Willock that, because of their Christian beliefs, the studio only handled “traditional weddings.” The Christian owned business even offered referrals to the lesbian couple. However, their response to Elane Photography’s choice not to take the job and thereby give tacit approval by documenting this same sex marriage was answered with a lawsuit.

For those of the Christian community who think that same sex marriage is unimportant or a side issue, think again. The attack on the biblically-based definition of marriage by radical homosexual groups is very serious. The push to include sexual orientation into the traditionally protected civil rights categories such as gender or race is an insult to groups that have been persecuted for reasons that do not include same sex attraction. Even if you buy into Lady Gaga’s mantra of “born this way,” sexual preference does not even come close to being equated with traditional categories of gender and ethnicity. Because most of the American people do not want anyone to be discriminated against for any reason, a plethora of groups have claimed special status with regard to sexual orientation. Most of society has given tacit approval to these groups rather than being labeled as bigots, haters or worse. Read More: