Willing Executioners

creationstudies.org Ordinary People Become Murders During World War II, Captain Wolfgang Hoffman, a dedicated German soldier, disobeyed an order from the high command. He refused to sign a declaration that would obligate him not to steal, plunder or take anything without paying for it during the German occupation of Poland. Captain Hoffman wrote a letter of protest stating, “As an officer, I regret, however, that I must set in my view against that of the battalion commander and am not able to carry out the order, since I feel injured in my sense of honor. I must decline to sign a general declaration.”

Captain Hoffman was a dedicated German commander of one the three companies of Police Battalion 101 stationed in Poland. Battalion 101 was responsible for exterminating at least 57,000 Jews by deporting them to the death camps, cramming them into freight cars or shooting them. Hoffman was an enthusiastic executioner responsible for leading his men—ordinary Germans for the most part—who had no affiliation with the German SS and most of whom were not members of the Nazi party. Typically, they were married, with an average age of 36.5 and had children. But when sent to Poland to serve as henchmen to get rid the Jews, along with the unwanted, the sick and the weak, they had no problem shooting unarmed men, the aged, women, children and even babies in their mothers’ arms. This battalion, like many others, also formed genocidal patrols in order to annihilate more Jews. They took great pleasure in hunting down and killing innocent people on the spot—in their homes, in the streets—wherever they could find them. There were occasions when Battalion 101 organized atrocious group slaughters by rounding up thousands of Jews, selecting able men to dig a huge grave, and then marching their victims in a long procession to a firing squad, where they were shot and buried in a mass grave. These soldiers thought nothing of what they were doing because they were convinced that Jews had no worth. As a popular expression in the German quarters went, it was done “for our daily bread.” Read More: http://www.creationstudies.org/Education/origins_in_the_modern_world.html