Falls River, VA: The Faithful Evicted from Church by Apostates

In remarks made on the 700 Club, Pat Robertson stated that "the whole Episcopal Church in America has left its roots" and that it being declared apostate "is on the way." Robert H. Lundy, communications officer for the American Anglican Council, a conservative movement hoping to return The Episcopal Church (TEC) to "an apostolic faith," told The Christian Post that he agreed with Robertson's assessment:

"Of course The Episcopal Church has left its roots and, regarding its leadership, is apostate. Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori is an apostate leader as are many other leaders in TEC," said Lundy. "The American Anglican Council has pointed this fact out for many years as we work to promote biblically faithful Anglicanism in North America and worldwide."

The catalyst for Robertson’s remarks is the legal eviction of Falls Church Anglican, VA from their property by apostates who have seized everything---from the historic church and all related money to choir robes and chalices.

Under the denominational leadership of apostates such as Jefferts Schori---a practicing lesbian---TEC more closely resembles a revamped Mystery Religion presided over by the androgyne priesthood of Cybele, a hermaphrodite deity with both breasts and beard.

Unless seminaries can be reformed TEC will continue its slide into apostasy said Lundy. However:

"While it is sad that the Falls Church is being forced out of their building, I am confident that under the leadership of the Rev. John Yates and knowing that they love the Lord, the people of the Falls Church will in the end be better off for their courageous stand for the good news of Jesus Christ."

Though forced out of their longtime home, the faithful have been embraced by their Catholic and Baptist brothers and sisters in Christ who have made available to their Anglican brethren the use of their own churches.

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World Magazine, June issue