Welcome to the Sinless Apostate West and America

Karl Menninger was a famous American psychiatrist who suggested that though some psychological disorders were treatable many more were not, and were in fact due to sin. Menninger was deeply troubled that the psychological community and society in general had not only banned the word sin from its vocabulary but blamed the concept of sin for producing guilt. All behaviors were explained away as neurotic, or caused by disease, sexual repression and/or chemical imbalances, or perhaps were caused by antisocial behavior due to unfair feelings of guilt. Menninger was outraged by these evasions and in his 1973 book, "Whatever Became of Sin?" he said:

"I believe there is 'sin' which is expressed in ways which cannot be subsumed...as 'crime,' 'disease,' 'delinquency,' 'deviancy.' There is immorality; there is unethical behavior; there is wrongdoing. And I hope to show that there is usefulness in retaining the concept, and indeed the word, SIN...." (Menninger,p. 46)

Though Menninger's call was heard it essentially fell on deaf ears. In the main, Americans were more than happy to relegate sin to the dustbin of history while many of Menninger's colleagues saw his recovery of 'sin' as a giant step backward for progressive evolutionary science.

Thirty-nine years after Menninger's call for the recovery of 'sin' had fallen on deaf ears, R. Albert Mohler Jr. described the morally degenerate condition of Western and American society in his book, "The Disappearance of God." Today we live,

"....among the ruins of a moral value structure destroyed by the wrecking ball of a radical secularist agenda, but already weakened by compromise from within---even from within the church." (p. 21)

When the majority of a society’s people drift away from or outright reject the supernatural, living God they fall into spiritual darkness. Morality becomes nothing more than a fog of feelings, of disordered passions and sexual perversions, of self-centered desires and cold-blooded envy.

Principles mean the transcendent (higher, eternally unchanging) Truth of God the Father, moral absolutes, the “thou shall and shall nots” and “He made them male and female.” These are the unchanging foundations beneath the tumultuous winds of change caused by the fallen nature of man. When liberated from all moral bounds and limitations, winds of change quickly transform into howling storms, tornados and hurricanes.

Spiritually dark societies, such as the West and America are today, deny the transcendent authority of God the Father, His Moral Law, unchanging truth and even “He made them male and female" and embrace instead amoral scientism, the omniscient mind of man, moral anarchy (relativism), occult spirituality, drugs, pornography, death, and androgyny.

One of the key responsibilities of the Western and American Church, from Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic to mainline Protestant and Evangelical, is to act as a restraining influence upon society. To uphold moral bounds and limitations. But across the whole denominational spectrum, the Church has been falling into apostasy for many years. Mohler writes that pride infects the whole Body of the Church and adds that the Church of England and its sister church in America, the Episcopal Church (USA) are competing in,

" a disbelief derby to see which church can produce more heretical bishops." (p. 22)

Richard Holloway, former bishop of Edinburgh, says the worldwide Anglican Church has made room,

"... for "happy clapping" evangelicals, bells-and-smells Catholics, women priests and, in the United States, openly gay clergy and even practitioners of other faiths. So surely, he argues, it can find room for people like him - Christians who don't believe in God." (Believe it or not, the bishop's an agnostic, Andrew West,


To profess disbelief and faith in Jesus Christ is to not be a Christian, yet the spiritually dark Holloway persists in calling himself one, so obviously the word 'sin' has as much meaning to him as do hypocrisy, deception, and inversion of reality.

As with all of the apostates who have crept into the Church, Holloway teaches and preaches confusion, moral anarchy, inversion of reality and disbelief. He argues:

"We either admit that God is, to some extent at least, a human construct that is subject to criticism and evolution, or we weld religion to unsustainable prejudices that guarantee its rejection for the best, not the worst of reasons, so that to abandon it becomes a virtuous act of revolt against an oppressive force that imprisons rather than liberates." (Mohler, p. 22)

In other words, the only way to be "moral" is to be in agreement with the liberated appetites of moral anarchists and heretics. The "new" moral man must agree with heretics like Holloway that the supernatural God, His Revealed Word, and the very notions of sin and moral absolutes must be subjected to "criticism and evolution." As well he must wholeheartedly embrace progressive notions of tolerance (pluralism), moral relativism, choice and change.

Os Guinness notes that post-Christian Western societies have reached the stage in syncretism (pluralism) where,

"...choice is not just a state of affairs, it is a state of mind. Choice has become a value in itself, even a priority. To be modern is to be addicted to choice and change. Change becomes the very essence of life." (The Gravedigger File: Papers on the Subversion of the Modern Church, p. 96)

Obama and Rick Warren exemplify our addiction to 'change.' As a magic-incantation, Obama had merely to repeatedly invoke 'change' to be elected, while for Warren, 'change' is the magic that transforms New Testament, Bible-believing Churches into man-centered, fluffy, fun-filled models where words have no fixed meaning.

So welcome to the apostate West and America, where in effect, the only way to be a 'good' person is to function as an atheist---to celebrate scientism and evolution, be your own god, and invent your own rules and meaning on behalf of getting your way while simultaneously tolerating the sins of others lest they not tolerate yours but having no tolerance whatsoever for those who love Jesus Christ and hate sin.

@Linda Kimball