Bringing Down America: Censors and Wreckers

One reader took exception to yesterday's commentary, "Ecclesiastes: Vanity of Vanities..." saying Conservative hopes are not pinned on getting the right people elected and on taking control as claimed in my commentary. But having made his counter-claim he utterly neglected to define his own position and then tried to dismiss the commentary in its'entirety by pointing out that the issues concerning John Roberts are political in nature and have nothing to do with Christian theism. There is no such thing as a “neutral” body of knowledge called "politics" standing apart from and in distinction to morality, but this fallacious belief is all-too common today.

At bottom politics is a component of a much larger system of interlocking presuppositions and assumptions known as worldview. Worldviews answer the Ultimate Questions of origins---where did everything come from? What is man, does he have a soul, what is its' nature and what is wrong with man? How do we determine right and wrong? What happens after death? How do you know that you know anything? What is the meaning of history? And finally, how shall we live?

Politics answers the question, “how shall we live?" and is therefore about morality.

Christendom and then later on Protestant America arose on the wings of Biblical theism, Christianity in particular. In response to the first Ultimate Question Christian theism teaches that there is an infinite-personal supernatural God who has created the universe out of nothing (creation ex nihilo).

What is man, does he have a soul, what is its' nature and what is wrong with man? Answer:

Man was originally created good in God's spiritual image, but chose to freely disobey God and thus infected all of humanity with what is called a "sin nature." So though man has been endowed with value by his Creator, his negative behavior is in reality in league with his nature.

Yes, man has a soul. His soul is immortal, hence the death of his body leads either to the gate to eternal life with God or to eternal separation from Him. Man's eternal destination is dependent upon the response he has freely given to God's provision for our sinfulness.

How do you determine what is right and wrong? Answer:

The moral guidelines (i.e., Ten Commandments) for conduct have been revealed by God.

How do you know that you know anything? Answer:

Though reason and experience can be legitimate teachers, reason is a spiritual capability thus a transcendent source is necessary. Some things can only be known because they are revealed to us by God through the Bible.

What is the meaning of history? Answer:

History is a linear and meaningful sequence of events leading to the fulfillment of God's purposes for man.

America is no longer Christian but is rather breaking apart as it aimlessly drifts in a sea of meaninglessness. In his book, "Cry Havoc! The Great American Bringdown and How It Happened" historian Ralph de Toledano tells us how this came about. In chilling detail Toledano documents how a cabal of evolutionary materialist and pantheist intellectuals, educrats, and politicians--- manipulated and financed by world-wide Illumined conspirators--- organized the strategy to undermine America's Biblical worldview and supplant it with one of their own.

Toledano's sources are Presidents, government and academic leaders, top-level intelligence operatives, and the Illumined wreckers themselves.

The diabolical strategy to destroy America's worldview has been so successful that today thoroughly propagandized, dumbed-down, morally deficient if not completely bankrupt Americans are themselves the mind-conditioned gate-keepers (censors) who insist that God the Father, the Bible, Ten Commandments, creches, crosses, and all things "religious" must be kept out of politics, schools, government, and law.

"Gatekeepers" cross political lines. Some are Christian, others are not. No matter where they stand though one thing is certain, and that is that they themselves are the unwitting wreckers of the Christian-based civilization that nourished their souls and blessed them with freedom and plenty unknown elsewhere.

Though he believes his thoughts are his own, the irrate "Conservative" reader who took exception to yesterday's commentary is in reality a thoroughly mind-conditioned censor, an unwitting wrecker of the very liberties he cherishes.

When Alexander Solzhenitsyn called on Westerners and Americans to liberate their souls from the power of the Lie, he was talking about the propaganda, dumbing-down, and demoralization that Westerners have been subjected to for over fifty years.

Some have been doing the very necessary but hard work of educating themselves, of rediscovering their Biblical and philosophical heritage. Homeschoolers are the vanguard of this movement. But for the intellectually lazy and the easily bored stubborn pride is a very efficient stumbling block to Truth.

@Linda Kimball