Dr. John McArthur: I Believe America is Under Divine Judgement

Worldview Weekend(partial transcript from an interview between Brannon House and John McArthur, author and pastor of Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA.)

"I believe America is under Divine judgment, and I'm not saying that just as a whim. Romans 1 says, Romans 1:18 says, the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all unrighteousness of men who hold the truth in unrighteousness. Okay, if we took America and asked, did we have the truth? We had the truth, yes. But we have held the truth in unrighteousness, getting increasingly unrighteous. So what is the wrath of God against us? Well, it defines it in verses 24, 26 and 28. "He gave them over," "He gave them over," "He gave them over." This is not eschatalogical wrath, this is not eternal wrath, this is not sort of consequential wrath (sowing and reaping), this is not cataclysmic wrath, like the flood or like a tidal wave, this is the wrath of abandonment. God gave them over, gave them over, gave them over. And you see a sequence. When this wrath acts - and according to Acts 14 He allows all the nations to go their own way, so this is the cycle of human history - when this wrath is in action, the first thing he says is, God gave them over to fornication. The first thing that happens, you will notice a sexual revolution, you will notice that sexual behavior will begin to be accepted outside of marriage. Then he says in verse 26, He gave them over to homosexuality, women with women doing that which is unacceptable, men with men, and it even talks about getting the due results of their sin, which would be something like AIDS. So you can tell when a society has been turned over by God, abandoned: first, there's the sexual revolution, that's the 60's, the whole Playboy sexual deal, the hippie culture, then you get a homosexual revolution. Then verse 28, God gives them over to a reprobate mind. Now nobody can think straight, and all the stuff that follows out of that. I think that's what we're seeing in America. You're not gonna overpower God's judgment on this country at that level."