Will This be America’s Last July 4th?

Creation Revolution ".....the United States of America was a free and independent nation and the first President, General George Washington, hurriedly gathered the political leaders and went to a nearby church to thank God for His providence in helping them through the time of turmoil. Washington also asked God to continue to watch over America as the nation began its journey through history.

Now, 236 years later, America has turned from God and it is obvious that His blessing has been withdrawn from our land. Our national leaders no longer look to God’s Word for guidance and direction. In fact, they have passed law after law banning any mention of God from public places. In His stead, the government has turned to a sinful way of life that mocks God and Jesus Christ.

In what I believe to be the final acts of defiance to God, President Barack Obama and his administration has struck down traditional marriage of one man and one woman and have replaced it with all kinds of perverse relationships. And trust me, this has not gone unnoticed by God."

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