Goetia: The Dark Art of Uncreating Creation

Over on the Churchmouse blog discussion revolves around the rhetoric and tactics essential to successful bans. Politically correct bans can take the form of prohibitions against smoking, speaking certain words, spanking one's children, eating certain 'bad' foods, and even "feeling" certain emotions, such as hate, as defined by prohibitionists themselves. Churchmouse writes,

"...a number of us are still trying to figure out how prohibitionists work their evil magic," and adds that all business owners "have been deprived of making their own choice. ” (Bans: strategy, arguments, psychology


If we are to understand how self-worshipping control-freaks of every stripe work their black magic we must think spiritually.

To begin, Churchmouse pointed to the “spiritual” property being seized:

“all business owners have been deprived of making their own choice. ”

“Choice” is a spiritual property. Spiritual property precedes and gives rise to the right's of mankind and to material property. President Calvin Coolidge affirmed this when he said:

"In its main feature the Declaration of Independence is a great spiritual document. Equality, liberty, popular sovereignty, the rights of man — these are not elements which we can see and touch. They are ideals. They have their source and roots in the religious convictions. They belong to the unseen world. " (Backfired: A Nation Born for Religious Tolerance No Longer Tolerates Religion, William J. Federer, pp. 270-271)

The source for all of the first principles of life, liberty and property are the living Triune God and the manner in which He created mankind. The Triune God--God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, created man in His spiritual image, hence man is a three-part being consisting of mind (spirit), body and soul. The noblest part of the soul is spirit—cognition (mind), will (moral choice), conscience.

The brilliant French economist, statesman, and author Frederic Bastiat explains all of this in practical terms:

"We hold from God the gift which includes all others. This gift is life---physical, intellectual, and moral life....He has provided us with a collection of marvelous faculties. And He has put us in the midst of a variety of natural resources. By application of our faculties to these natural resources we convert them into products, and use them....Life, faculties, production---in other words, individuality, liberty, property---this is man. And in spite of the cunning of artful political leaders, these three gifts from God precede all human legislation and are superior to it. Life, liberty, and property do not exist because men have made laws. On the contrary, it was the fact that life, liberty. and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place." (How Evil Works, David Kupelian, p.8)

In order for artful men to plunder and/or seize control of "life, liberty and property" they must first take control of spiritual property---mind, conscience and will. To do this they must uncreate creation.

The ancient practice whose goal was to acquire power over other men by unpatterning or uncreating creation is magic. Its' methods, said J. Budziszewski, author of "What We Can't Not Know," are forms of goetia...black magic. (p. 198)

Goetia works by a process of inversion, that is, it elevates the lower order of creation over the Higher Order of the living God. So for example, the material or natural dimension over the supernatural, an all-powerful god-state over God the Father, evolutionary cosmogony over creation ex nihilo, moral relativism over God's Moral Law, apes and nature over man, collectivism over individuality, evil over good, dark over light, lie over truth, unnatural over natural, disorder over order, and grey matter (brain) over spirit (mind).

This is the interlocking psychic-net of goetia cast by humanists--scientific materialists, secular humanists, etc.-- over their slaves. For example, all who reject God the Father, embrace evolutionary thinking and who have either forgotten or accept that they have neither souls nor minds.

For other magicians, a similar effect can be brought about by feeding pride, through seductive persuasion, inducing fear, and through unrelenting psychological bullying. The aim of all of these methods is power over mind, words, and actions through control of will—choice.

Behind black magic is the spirit of a darkened soul attacking, oppressing and even trying to take possession of another spirit, thus Athanasius said the truth about evil,

".....is that it originates, and resides, in the perverted choice of the darkened soul…” (Against the Heathen, New Advent)

@Linda Kimball