Alinsky's Devilish Rules for Human Predators

"Pride is the beginning of all sin...for it was (pride) that overthrew the devil, from whom arose the origin of sin, and who, through...envy, overturned (man)...For the serpent, seeking a way to enter...sought the door of pride, when he declared, "You shall be as gods." That is why it is written, "Pride is the beginning of all sin," and "The beginning of the pride of man is to fall away from God." ("On Nature and Grace 29:33," Augustine) While most Americans pray to God the Father Almighty Who created all men in His spiritual image, Americas' self-annointed "elite" class:

"...prays to themselves as saviors of the planet and as shapers of mankind in their own image," observes Angelo M. Codevilla in his insightful essay, "The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It." (p. xix)

The pride-inflated, self-annointed ruling class naturally think sub-human Americans are completely unfit to run their own lives, yet goodness, righteousness and morally-informed thinking are anathema to them. Calling our attention to the amorality and hypocrisy of the Ruling Class, Codevilla notes that since any:

"standard of right and wrong (is) beyond the Ruling Class'....self-conception, its greatest concern has been to denigrate the American people's devotion to God, because the Ruling Class accepts no standard it cannot control." (ibid, p. xx)

America's conscienceless Ruling Class is mainly comprised of parasitic human predators, both active and passive, hence their affinity for Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.

Alinsky was a Marxist theoretician and mentor of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama. Like Karl Marx, Bakunin and other God-haters who lauded the devil, in the early editions of Rules for Radicals Alinsky followed suit. He wrote:

"Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer." (Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals — a useful guide)

You can read the 12 rules from the book dedicated to Lucifer here:

Alinsky's salute to the devil is revealing, for the devil is not only the father of lies, of envy, hate, covetousness and murder, but of predation and its’ methodology. The devil is the original author of the methodology utilized by all psychopathological human predators, whether serial killers, sex-psychopaths, or mass-murderers such as Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler. Alinsky's Rules are thus revealed as the methodology of predators. This is particularly clear with Rule 12, which states:

"Pick the target, freeze it, personalise it, and polarise it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions."

Just as with animal predators, the weakest, most vulnerable are targeted and separated from the safety of the herd (or family, church, social network) in order that the kill can be made. The conscienceless human predator however, is not looking for a meal but rather a human tool to be shaped and molded to his evil purposes. With predators like Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin and their Western financiers, the purpose was destruction of Christian-based Western society and liquidation of whole classes of people. What was needed for the job were legions of dehumanized tools willing to kill, steal and destroy.

America's predatorial ruling class has created many groups of destructive human tools from "gays" to Occupiers, illegals and blacks. On the subject of dehumanized black tools, Thomas Sowell writes that during the course of his research he was appalled to discover that race riots are occurring in cities across the United States. Mobs of young blacks are randomly attacking white people but whenever possible, the national mainstream media ignore these riots. For example:

"Three teenagers were playing a game called 'Pick'em out and Knock'em dead' when they beat a father of twelve to death then posted the footage on Facebook, prosecutors said today." (Killing was just a game: Three teens who killed father, 62, and posted it on Facebook were playing 'Pick 'Em Out and Knock 'Em Dead,' Graham Smith,, 16 July 2012)

Sowell adds:

"Where the violence is too widespread and too widely known locally to be ignored, both the local media and public officials often describe what happened as unspecified "young people" attacking unspecified victims for unspecified reasons. But videos of the attacks often reveal both the racial nature of these attacks and the racial hostility expressed by the attackers." (Are Race Riots News? Thomas Sowell, July 12, 2012,

The creation of human tools follows a predictable path beginning with targetting.

Predators seem to have an uncanny ability to identify the vulnerable person, the one made weak by his or her neediness. Perhaps the need is attention or maybe the target feels misused and misunderstood. Whatever the weakness human predators are ready and eager to fill the need.

Having successfuly isolated the target from family, church and society at large, the predator seduces (polarizes/ takes control of) the will of the target with flattery, understanding (I feel your pain), sympathy—-i.e., if they had really loved you they would understand your needs, but since they don’t they don’t love you. Conversely, I--the predator--- understand you, your pain, your needs.

Human predators use all the normal techniques used by men and women to seduce each other and to create bonds of trust, friendship, and love. When the target comes to believe that he or she is special, is loved and cared about, they become capable of absorbing an enormous amount of abuse.

The next order of business requires the demoralization and reshaping of the moral norms of the target. By degrees, the target is gradually desensitized to the feeling, thinking and doing of abominations.

Sex predators for example, will very gradually introduce their target to perverse acts until finally the target is doing everything and anything the predator wants his victim to do. There are no limits.

A perfect example of this process in action can be seen in how, on a daily basis in so-called sex-ed classes, Western and American youth are being desensitized to the doing of everything obscene, filthy, and abnormal while their needy, weak-willed parents have either been polarized (neutralized) by seductive flattery (only the most enlightened can understand the benefits of sex-education) or driven into mute compliance by relentless ridicule, contempt, and labeling (demonization as the most stupid and unenlightened).

When finally the conscience of the target has been thoroughly polluted and his will controlled by the predator, the predator is able to lead his victim into becoming a participant of the predators dark fantasies, from destroying traditional Christian-based America to hating and even murdering whoever the predator bids him hate and murder or perhaps submitting to and performing whatever sado-masochistic perversity the predator bids him submit to.

Here the utterly repulsive Jerry Springer show comes to mind as an example of media used for the purposes just discussed.

America's predatory ruling class views itself as faultless when in reality their conscience is depraved, and a depraved conscience is the most destructive force in political, social, economic, and cultural life. This is because though the intellect remains intact, reason is warped and peculiarly inverted, thus useless for pursuit of the good, the just and the true. In short, guided by a depraved conscience, reason is used both for predation and creation of human tools and for the preservation of self-image at any cost.

Though pride is always the beginning of all sin, and for the predator in particular, cold-blooded envy is one of the chief sins of the predator:

"(Envy is) the great is a destroyer — rather than have anyone happier than itself, it will see us all miserable together." (Dorothy Sayers, ibid, p. 66)

"(Envy is one of the) 'cold-blooded' deadly sins....the cruelest of all.' 'When I say that Marxism is based on envy, I mean that the glorious revolution of the proletariat...was really a promise to put a final end to all conditions that make for envy." (Joseph Epstein, former editor of The American Scholar, ibid. p. 66)

The envious are human predators who level their human tools down to the subterranean level of the predators themselves. For example, what are trouble-making parasitic Occupiers but imitations of the predatorial ruling class?

The envious predator always scapegoats the objects of his envy (the morally courageous, the brave, successful, etc) because they need victims to sacrifice to their malignant narcissism, which in turn allows them to ignore the humanity of their victims as well.

In contemporary America, the chief scapegoats are for example, Jesus Christ, the Tea Party, faithful Christians and Jews, straight white males and females, the middle class, and the America of the founding generation.

From the human predators who control certain corporations and virtually every institution of America, from Hollywood to the White House and Supreme Court to our education system, news media, and seminaries all we get are lies, projection, denial, minimization, exaggeration and scapegoating while from their human tools all we hear and see are hate-fueled obscenities and blasphemies and everything from riots to desecration on command.

To come to terms with evil is perhaps one of the most painful and difficult tasks that Americans--- whether the human tools or the hated scapegoats---can face. Most fail and remain its' victims. But those who succeed in developing the necessary searing spiritual discernment are those who can call evil by its' name.

This requires that Americans "wake up" and "discern" that evil human predators have been using and manipulating vast numbers of human tools with one hand while with the other projecting their own badness onto scapegoats. They have elevated lies to the level of truth and made it a sin to worship and pray to God the Father, to be a straight white male or female and to refuse to be touched by abomination. It is now a sin to defend your own home and to want to keep your own earnings. It is a sin to defend standards of decency, the life of the unborn, one-man/one-woman marriage, Americas' borders, and the right to self-defense.

No matter how difficult and painful we find the task, we must nevertheless develop the searing spiritual vision that will allow us to throw off the heavy burden of false-guilt laid upon us by predatorial scapegoaters. The evil must be made to bear personal responsibility for their own sins...including the sins of scapegoating and using other people as tools. If that does not occur in this world, it most assuredly will when they stand before the judgement seat of God Himself.

@Linda Kimball