The Spreading Death of America---and Unrighteous Christians Hastening Its' Death

Three seemingly different issues of importance caught my attention this morning. In the first one Frank Gaffney reports that under President Obama, "...service personnel’s rising fears of being prosecuted for acting to protect themselves and their missions are but one of many ways in which the military is being.... “fundamentally transformed.” (Fundamentally Transforming the Military,, July 17, 2012)

While Gaffney reports on the fundamental transformation of America's military, in his article "What Crusaders for Liberty Are Up Against," Randall Holcombe reports that he recently attended the annual meeting of the distinctly leftwing Association for Heterodox Economics (AHE). The AHE said Holcombe, is dominated by Marxists, post-Keynesians, greens, and feminist economists, in other words, economists who have anti-market and anti-capitalist views.

According to leftwingers, all of the pathologies afflicting the West and America aren't due to current governments spiraling out of control, but rather to the excessive constraint policies initiated decades ago by the pro-market, pro-freedom governments of Reagan and Thatcher in the 1980s that displaced the Progressive policies that blossomed in the 1960s and 1970s. In other words, Big Government is the answer, not the cause. (What Crusaders for Liberty Are Up Against, The Independant Institute,

The third issue centers on the loss of Christian distinctiveness, meaning that lightless, saltless Christians are in many ways no different from the morally degenerate culture all around them.

In "The Best Argument Against Christianity," Robin Schumacher writes that in at least two important ways Christians’ lives don’t match up to Christ’s.

First, large numbers of contemporary Christians have abandoned the charity and compassion of Jesus’ teaching in the Gospels in favor of combative and judgmental actions against what they believe to be threats against their moral positions. In other words, and as Dr. Albert Mohler affirms, prideful Christians have become famous for what they oppose and stand against rather than what they ought to champion. Thus as Dr. Mohler notes in his book, “The Disappearance of God," some Evangelicals elevate second and third tier doctrines over the fundamentals of the faith, and on this basis sit in harsh judgement of other Christian denominations, even going so far as to condemn fellow believers to hell.

Schumacher concludes that they have forgotten that Jesus commanded His followers to,

"...judge with a righteous judgment, but first make sure their own house is in order before they go about instructing others."

Second, in that contemporary Christians are best known for their hypocritical lifestyles they are the faith’s biggest anti-apologetic, said Schumacher.

Though all three items appear unrelated they are in fact fundamentally interrelated, each one an ominous portent of the slowly spreading death of a society formerly based on God's Word and moral law.

Ideas have consequences, thus with the death of God's Word and eternally unchanging Moral Law the presumption of man's intrinsic dignity and worth uniquely founded on the Genesis account of man created in the spiritual image of the living God collapses and is replaced by neo-pagan naturalism, the only remaining worldview. In this view, man simply becomes an accidentally evolved product of nature. Thus man is no longer an individual thinker but an aspect of nature.

Bella Dodd (1904-1969) was a member of the Communist Party of America (CPUSA) in the 1930s and 1940s who later became a vocal anti-communist. In chapter 11 of her book, "School of Darkness" she explains that the mental and physical enslavement of man is made possible by dehumanizing him, that is, by reducing him to an aspect of nature:

“This is the key to the mental enslavement of mankind: that the individual is made into nothing, that he operates as the physical part of what is considered a higher group intelligence and acts at the will of that higher intelligence….”

America's military are being dehumanized---"made into nothing"---and this is why they are "being prosecuted for acting to protect themselves." Mental slaves are not allowed under any circumstance to think and act for themselves, they must act at the will of a higher intelligence.

Communism's so-called "higher intelligence" was a rather small group of insane totalitarians called the Party, or Big Brother as George Orwell dubbed them. With Hitler's National Socialism, "higher intelligence" meant Hitler and his occult-oriented thugs:

"National Socialism...undertakes to defend the people as a whole against the individual." (The Theme is Freedom, p. 48)

With America's Progressives, including the AHE's "Marxists, post-Keynesians, greens, and feminist economists" 'higher intelligence" means America's amoral predatorial Ruling Class. (Alinsky's Devilish Rules for Human Predators, )

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche foresaw that upon the death of the living God there would arise brutal totalitarians---amoral Supermen (deified higher intelligences)---who would instigate wars and revolution and promote slavery and death unending.

Take away God's Word and Moral Law said Nietzsche, and everything built upon that foundation will die. Nietzsche understood that the only reason Western society thought human beings were entitled to dignity and freedom was that God's Word and Christian theism taught this doctrine---which he derided as weak-kneed---down through the ages:

"(Christian theism) granted man an absolute value, as opposed to his smallness and accidental occurrence in the flux of being and passing away...Morality guarded the underprivileged by assigning to each an infinite value...Supposing that the faith in this morality would perish, then the underprivileged would no longer have this comfort---and they would perish...nihilism is a symptom that the underprivileged have no comfort left." (The Theme is Freedom: Religion, Politics and the American Tradition, M. Stanton Evans, pp. 50-51)

Nihilism means that as belief in the living God dies in the minds of Westerners---including prideful, hypocritical Christians--- everything that formerly existed will no longer exist. There will be no up and down, right and wrong, light and dark, sacred and unholy, natural and unnatural, good and evil, and truth and lie. Where meaning and distinctions (i.e., between good and evil) had been, there will be nothing. All meaning, dignity, worth and freedom will perish. And in the resulting void, the weakest, as defined by amoral Supermen will die and it is proper that they should do so.

How will they die? Millions have already died in Soviet controlled concentration camps, in Hitler's ovens, and throughout the post-Christian West and America, millions more have died and continue dying by way of abortion, eugenics, euthanasia, and sexually-transmitted diseases.

In this light we can see the interconnectedness of the three issues. The first two are harbingers of the spreading death of our Christian-based society in tandem with the mental and physical enslavement of men who have been made into nothing. The third is an ominous warning sign pointing to prideful, hypocritical, judgmental Christians who, rather than being salt and light, are instead doing the work of the devil by aiding and abetting the death of God in the minds of Americans.

@Linda Kimball