Darwin is the universal acid that affects everything

A review of The Political Gene: How Darwin’s Ideas Changed Politics by Dennis SewellPicador, London, 2009 Reviewed by Jerry Bergman

According to evolutionist Daniel Dennett, Darwinism is the universal acid that affects everything.1 Dennis Sewell does an excellent job documenting this claim. Sewell, a journalist and broadcaster, has assembled a well-written review of the political uses and abuses of Darwinism. He has documented how often—and how easily—Darwinism has been harnessed for sinister political ends by a wide assortment of persons and movements laboring under a variety of political persuasions from radical right to extreme left. The history of Darwinism’s critical role in eugenics and Nazism is told in an engaging way that reads like a novel. He shows that, although racism existed before Darwin, Darwinism gave the human inferior-superior racial hierarchy theory the respectability and authority of science, increasing the problem of racism by an order of magnitude. Read More: http://creation.com/review-the-political-gene-dennis-sewell