Urgently Needed: the Death of Western and American Idols

Herbert Schlossberg is a highly respected fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center as well as a leading scholar on the relationship between Christianity and the societies in which it has existed. Among his past and present admirers are Charles Colson, Carl Henry, Richard John Neuhaus, and George White, President of Geneva College. Colson speaks for all of Schlossberg's admirers when he described his lucid critique as an invaluable resource that not only helps believers to understand the ideologies, evolutionary scientism and philosophies that are undergirding and destroying our contemporary society but to clearly see how dramatically and dangerously different they are from our societie's founding Christian-based view.

Schlossberg's book, "Idols of Destruction" ennumerates a vast number of idols with which contemporary society, including the body of the Church, is infatuated. Among prominent modern idols are various forms of humanism such as Mammon, Molech (abortion), the apotheosis of power, autonomous-self, hedonism, science, evolutionary thinking, inevitable progress, human beings as gods, messianic politics, ontological victimhood, and the messianic state (i.e., the socialist New World Order). Schlossberg argues that only a biblical understanding of God, creation, man, and history can rescue modern society from its dangerously destructive idols.

Whereas the Genesis account places the living God outside of time, therefore nature, humanist idols such as the Darwinian and immanentist (pantheist) evolutionary accounts of origins do not distinguish God, creation, man, events, or history from nature. Schlossberg writes that these idols have the effect of exalting mankind to the status of deity, a seductive idea that dates,

"...from the furthest reaches of antiquity, but its development into an ideology embracing the masses is a characteristic trait of modernity." (PP. 40-41)

Humanism arose during the Renaissance and during succeeding generations broke with Christian theism. Seventeenth century English deism "all but openly rejected Christian faith," said Schlossberg. The Enlightenment of the eighteenth century "came completely out of the closet and launched vigorous, skillful, and sustained attacks on Christianity." Humanism "by now had achieved its' modern identity as the opposition to Christian faith." (p. 41)

Unifying the various forms of humanism is their rejection of the living God Who exists outside of time, the Genesis account of creation, and the biblical view of man created in the spiritual image of God.

Though we have been led to believe that secular humanism is entirely neutral with regard to religion and all things spiritual, this delusion is "true" only among the ignorant masses of unbelievers. Within the highest corridors of global power there is a vastly different story, as the emminent historian James Webb reveals.

In his two books, “The Occult Underground: The Dawn of the New Age” and “The Occult Establishment,” Webb chronicles the rise of an occult intelligentsia as it emerged out of the Renaissance. Since the Renaissance said Webb, a powerfully influential occult community consisting of secret societies existing at the highest levels of society has been both the intelligentsia and the real powers behind what has been variously called the Progressive Underground, the Anti-Establishment, Anti-Tradition, and the Counter Culture, the aim of which is twofold: first, the total destruction of the Old Order based on Christianity, and second, the creation of a man-made New World Order which is to rise out of the smoldering ashes of the Old Order.

C.S. Lewis is in agreement with Webb’s findings. In “The Abolition of Man” (1974) Lewis points out that the Renaissance reawakened a magical view of the world closely connected with pagan Gnostic sectarianism, Hermetic magic, spiritism (contact with spirits), astrology, Eastern pantheism and alchemical scientism. Accompanying all of this was evolution, occultism, reincarnation and karma.

With regard to the occult intelligentsia's plan to destroy the Christian West and build a New World Order, William T. Still traces the historic role of occult secret societies in his book, "New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies." Still reports that an ancient plan has been hidden for centuries deep within secret societies:

"This scheme is designed to bring all of mankind under a single world government...This plan is of such antiquity that its result is even mentioned in the Bible---the rule of the Antichrist mentioned in the Revelation of Saint John the Divine." (Introduction)

The occult intelligentsia that emerged out of the Renaissance believed in reincarnation, therefore preferred a spiritual evolutionary conception but knew the Christian West was not ready to accept any of this. So when Darwin came along much later, his conception was taken up by powerful secret societies and deceptively packaged as empirical science.

Darwin’s grandfather, Dr. Erasmus Darwin was an important member of the occult intelligentsia. As master of the famous Masonic Canongate lodge in Edinburgh he had close ties with both the Jacobin Masons--the organizers of the bloody revolution in France---and with the infamous Luciferian Illuminati, whose diabolical cause was overthrow of the Church and destruction of Christendom. Thus Erasmus Darwin, a neo-pagan known to attend seances, was an important name in European Masonic anti-Christian organizations engaged in revolutionary activism.

Charles Darwin received the idea of evolution from his grandfather. Erasmus Darwin mentored his grandson Charles:

“Dr. Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802) was the first man in England to suggest those ideas which were later to be embodied in the Darwinian theory by his grandson, Charles Darwin (1809-1882) who wrote in 1859 Origin of Species.” (Scarlet and the Beast, Vol. II, John Daniel, p. 34)

Twenty-five years after Darwin published “Origin of Species,” Pope Leo XIII issued a famous bull in 1884 entitled Humanum Genus in which he discussed the diabolical program of the Free Masons and the Illuminati:

“…the partisans of evil seems to be combining together, and to be struggling with united vehemence, led on or assisted by that strongly organized and widespread association called the Freemasons. No longer making any secret of their purposes, they are now boldly rising up against God Himself.” They intend nothing less than “the utter overthrow of that whole religious and political order of the world which the Christian teaching has produced, and the substitution of a new state of things in accordance with their ideas (that) shall be drawn from mere naturalism.” (Humanum Genus, Encyclical on Freemasonry)

Having rejected the living God, the occult intelligentsia also rejected the Fall, which means that Lucifer did not fall and is not the devil. Amazing as it may seem, secret societies embraced—and still embrace— Lucifer, as amply demonstrated by William T. Still in his book. Contemporary Luciferians such as David Spangler say Lucifer is the angel of evolution, which accounts for humanism's anti-human agenda requiring that man created in the spiritual image of the living God be reduced to an ape:

“Instead of Adam, our ancestry is traced to the most grotesque of creatures; thought is phosphorous; the soul complex nerves, and our moral sense a secretion of sugar.” (Disraeli, quoted by John Passmore “A Hundred Years of Philosophy,” p. 36)

With the triumph of humanist scientific naturalism and Darwinism in the nineteenth century, the murder of God and the obliteration of His order of being was cast in the cement of “enlightened” pseudo-science and pseudo-intellectualism. Westerners were cast into a spiritual desert and all but cut off from God the Father and their own spirit/soul, thereby disrupting:

“the bio-psycho-spiritual unity of human consciousness….” (Authenticating the Activities of Jesus, Bruce Chilton and Craig A. Evans, 1999)

The devilish spirit of the modern humanist “scientistic” West has almost succeeded in obliterating the souls of Western citizens and now seeks obliteration of the two sexes:

“Little Johnny went to school; There to learn a brand new rule; No longer could the boys be boys/ Or have their special trucks and toys/; Only six, so young and tender,/ It’s time for him to unlearn gender.” (Here At School the Slant is Gay, cited in Our Gay Pride President, David A. Noebel,)

Though Darwin is worshipped by humanists, the fact is that his original evolutionary conception is dead, forcing his defenders to invent a "new" Darwinism. But the new idol is quickly dying as well, as Joe DePoe makes clear in his essay, "Can Neo-Darwinism Survive?"

Read De Poe's essay here: http://www.ukapologetics.net/1neodarwinism.htm

Today Darwin’s real significance lies not in his all but dead conception but in the fact that his name, and his name alone, gives the evolutionary account of origins its’ “scientific” credentials.

Schlossberg strongly argues that only a biblical understanding of God, creation, man, and history can rescue modern society from its dangerously destructive idols. We must return to the Biblical teaching that the living God dwells outside of and distinct from His creation---man, time, history, and nature. This teaching is reflected in the West's traditional linear view history. In this view, history is what comes between the Genesis account (creation ex nihilo) and final judgement. Thus man lives but one life as opposed to thousands of reincarnations, followed by death, resurrection and Judgement unto life eternal in either paradise or hell. History in this sense is a theistic conclusion.

The Darwin idol is all but dead. We need to utterly cast it down along with all the rest and humbly beseech God to come back into our hearts and into our nation.

@Linda Kimball