Antinomian Humanism's Satanic Revolt

Daniel Greenfield, author of "The Speed of Progressivism," comments that the transformation of Chick Fil A, "... from a fast food place that most liberals had never even heard of into the "Enemy of the People" is a reminder of the speed at which progressivism travels forward and backward in time....Progressivism violates the laws of physics because it has no past, only an eternal future. It imagines that it is always moving forward in time,...."

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Greenfield's descriptive surface analysis does not go deep enough.

Whether we call it Liberalism, Progressivism, Secular Humanism, Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, Illumined Masonry, Transhumanism, or New Age, all are types of antinomian humanism. In terms of meaning, Humanism is multi-level and it is the two deepest levels of meaning that are most important. The first of these is the human condition.

Man is a compound mixture of strengths and weaknesses, good and bad. In short, all men are both kindly Dr. Jekyll and evil Mr. Hyde. Virtuous people are those who, over time and with great self-sacrifice, personal suffering, and perseverance, have learned — however imperfectly — to restrain their Mr. Hyde appetites. In attainment of self-control, virtuous people are by consequence capable of self-governance. This means that they are able to live and work within an atmosphere of limited government, or just enough government to protect liberty, rights, and property but not too little that anarchy ensues.

A virtuous people are rational, or sane. Sanity is the ability to recognize right from wrong independently of personal feelings, fears, impulses, desires, and compulsions. Rational thinking then, is reasoning disciplined to resist the corrupting influence of personal feelings, thus allowing for the acceptance of truths that contradict feelings, desires, and fancies. In short, rational thinking is morally-informed reasoning. It is dispassionate, rightly-ordered and logical, and is the fruit of impulse-control and unswerving commitment to enduring truths, moral law, and principle.

Irrational reasoning is the opposite. Irrationality is the inability to recognize right from wrong independent of personal feelings, impulses, and compulsions. By the degree to which the moral sense is corrupt, so too is reason. The greater the degree of corruption, the more depraved is reason, meaning it is given to flights of fantasy, whimsy, caprice, shameless outbursts, and fits of rage because it is controlled by egotism, resentment, hate, jealousy, rage, lust, and covetousness.

Without virtue, liberty degenerates into the antinomian madness that now characterizes America and the West:

"What is liberty without virtue? It is the greatest of all possible evils...madness without restraint. Men are qualified for civil liberty in exact proportion to their disposition to put moral chains upon their own appetites." (Edmund Burke, 1791 at the National Assembly,

Humanism is the default position of self-centered children, notes Reb Bradley, author of “Born Liberal Raised Right.” Bradley observes that America,

“...(is) a nation ruled by its passions.” “Heinous acts of casual disregard for life, unheard of fifty years ago, have become a familiar item on the evening news; students killing classmates, children murdering their playmates….these gruesome crimes are merely symptomatic of a breakdown of moral fiber…” (ibid, pp. 2-3)

On its' bottom-most level of meaning are the spiritual underpinnings exposing Humanism as a war against the living God Who exists outside of time.

Mikhail Bakunin, comrade of the demonically occluded Karl Marx, pulls back the curtain to reveal antinomian humanism's satanic foundation:

"The Evil One is the satanic revolt against divine authority....Socialists recognize each other by the words, "In the name of the one to whom a great wrong has been done....Satan (is) the eternal rebel, the first freethinker and the emancipator of worlds." (Mikhail Bakunin, comrade of Marx, Marx & Satan, Richard Wurmbrand, p. 27)

Pride goes before a fall, thus on one level, humanism is the fall of self-centered humanity into moral corruption and antinomian rebellion against every vestige of authority. On another, it is a Satanic revolt which like true Christian faith is a movement of spirit having its taproot and energy in Satan, the father of lies and envy, the author of rebellion, and the revelator of secrets.

Satanic revolt is war against the Trinity...the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, which in Bakunin's words is the "cursed and fatal principle of authority." Thus it proclaims the reign of nothingness, though a nothingness nevertheless pregnant with the expectation of fulfillment in the revelation, and finally the actual presence, of evil personified....the dark Lord of this world.

The sentiment of the revolt is Satanic pride:

"... which spurns subjection to any master whatever, whether of divine or human origin." (Bakunin, Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age, Fr. Seraphim Rose, p. 63)

The nature of the Satanic revolt is the antithesis of true Christian faith. Whereas Christian faith is joy, patience, love, truth, humbleness, perseverance, submission in all things to the Will of God, and blessed eternal life in paradise, the Satanic counterfeit is full of skepticism, lies, mockery, slander, depravity, revulsion, burning envy, impatience, seething hatred, jealousy, rebelliousness, blasphemy, and eternal life in Hell.

Fueled by dissatisfaction with self, the world, society, and God, it devotes its' infernal energy toward "hope and change," or as Marx put it, toward the destruction of everything that exists.

The Satanic revolt intends both the destruction of the Christian-based Old Order and the establishment of something new because:

"The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilization. It must be destroyed." (Karl Marx, "Marx and Satan," Wurmbrand, p. 59)

The Satanic revolt seduces in the name of fairness, equality (envy-fueled leveling down), liberty (antinomian license), free love (unbridled promiscuity), 'gay marriage (normalization of the unnatural),' choice (death), tolerance, diversity, inclusion, pluralism, and peace. It appeals to pride, lust for power and domination over others, licentiousness, and resentment and justifies itself in the name of progress, enlightenment, evolution, and science.

In the religious order it intends to fully possess the Christian faith and refashion it completely. The Satanic revolt will not stop until every vestige of faith in the living God has been obliterated in every heart. Every man, woman, and child will experience a counter-conversion, a transformation of consciousness...a Satanic Initiation in the words of New Age Luciferian insider David Spangler, to a new spirituality, an anti-gospel preached by anti-saints from the void.

In the order of time and history, the Satanic revolt is total war against the uniquely Biblical view of history, the linear view.

The linear view is the West’s traditional view. According to this view, there was a beginning of time and there will be an end of time. Each man has one life followed by death, resurrection and Judgment unto eternity, either paradise or hell. In light of this, history is everything that occurs between creation and final judgement.

The Satanic revolt intends to replace the linear view with evolutionary models based in reincarnation. Here man lives perhaps thousands of lives over the course of millions or billions of years as time has no end.

The dark prophet Friedrich Nietzsche for example, favored an Eastern cyclical conception he called the eternal return. Mary Midgely coined the phrase, “Evolutionary Escalator” to describe the idea that man rides an evolutionary escalator smoothly, progressively, ever upwards, perhaps to immortality somewhere out in deep space. This view coincides with Greenfield's contention that progressivism, "...has no past, only an eternal future. It imagines that it is always moving forward in time."

Frank Baumer observes that evolutionary thinking inverts the Genesis account, making it difficult if not impossible for contemporary Westerners to even conceive of original Revelation. Evolution has,

"....persuaded people to think of everything in nature as the fruit of a gradual growth rather than an original creation." The sweeping acceptance of evolutionary thinking means that it is "now difficult if not impossible for an educated man to conceive of a primitive revelation such as traditional Christianity taught....." This difficulty arises because "in an evolving world, perfection obviously lay, not in the past, but in the future." (Religion and Rise of Skepticism, p. 147)

The sweeping acceptance of evolutionary conceptions has allowed the spirit of satan to successfuly invert the order of creation and reverse the direction of Biblical theism. With creation ex nihilo virtually replaced by evolution, it is now believed that men have not fallen from perfection but instead are gradually evolving upward from their ape beginnings toward greater and greater spiritual perfection. Self-perfecting man no longer needs the living, supernatural God as the idea of "conscious evolution" means he can save himself, and perhaps even attain god-hood.

The satanic spirit has destroyed the West's and America's Christian-based foundations to such an extent that those who seek to recover them no longer know which way to turn, and being confused and lost find themselves all too ready to accept all the false, ultimately destructive ideas presented to them instead.

A counter-conversion, or spiritual transformation of consciousness sweeps virtually unnoticed and unopposed over and across the West and America. Something is happening and about to happen:

"People no longer know what they have lost, much less that they themselves are lost....The landscape is changing, the skies are darkening — and this is something we know with a... spiritual sense, a spiritual urgency." (Albert Mohler, The Disappearance of God, p. 158)

A vast dark wing covers the West. Within its' shadow the West and America implode as the Church fractures and splinters apart. A vigorous shaking and threshing is going on. Something is happening that "we as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ should see and understand," warns Mohler. "For we cannot say that we were not warned." (Joel 2:30-32)

@Linda Kimball