The Truth About Lying


am a handsome, charismatic, brilliant, successful, wonderful person.

I am also a person who lies to himself -- a lot.

It may seem to you that it's a waste of time to lie to yourself when there are so many other people you can lie to, but there are real advantages to lying to yourself, or practicing "self-deception," as we scientists call it. (Yes, I have advanced degrees in astrophysics, molecular biology and modern dance. It says so on my resume.)

I first heard the buzz about self-deception from the "Work & Family" columnist for The Wall Street Journal, Sue Shellenbarger. "Lying to yourself," Shellenbarger writes, "can actually have benefits."

Before you hop on the fantasy train, take a moment to reflect. If you think it's easy to lie to yourself, you're lying to yourself.

According to Canadian psychology professor, Del Paulhus, "self-deception isn't just lying or faking ... (it) is deeper and more complicated." Read More: