"Ugly Black Babies" and the Left

Maggie GallagherTownhall.com

For 40 years, the academic left has taught that reality is socially constructed, preferably by the left for the left.

But every once in a while, reality bites back in a big way. This week was one of those times.

In mediaworld, abortion doctors are just noble people striving to protect the equal rights of women.

In mediaworld, gay marriage activists are all ordinary loving couples who seek nothing more than to be left alone to snuggle as they choose, and opposing gay marriage is "controversial" for a business executive.

In mediaworld, all children raised by gay couples are grateful for the experience and turn out as impressive as young Zach Wahls. Read More: http://townhall.com/columnists/maggiegallagher/2012/08/09/ugly_black_babies_and_the_left/page/full/