Good for the goose, good for the gander

Tim DunkinRenew America

By now, pretty much everybody who is politically engaged to any extent has heard about Todd Akin's recent gaffe. While speaking about abortion, the Missouri Representative, who is now running for the Senate, essentially said that unwanted pregnancies caused by rape are not an issue, since a woman's body "has ways to shut that whole thing down." In other words, when a woman is raped, her body throws up some sort of magic shield to prevent pregnancy from ever happening. Even though this was not likely his intention, the remark came across as grossly insensitive to those women who have had to endure the terrible trauma of "legitimate" rape, as downplaying the horror of what these women suffer. Medically, the statement is inane, as both experience and basic biology show it not to be true. Politically, however, the comment was centrifugally-refined weapons grade stupidity — one which Akin should have had enough sense to know would be played over and over and over again until it was burned into the eternal consciousness of the nation. Read More: