Why the West and America are Dying

Many courageous Conservative pro-life leaders are coming to the defense of Rep. Todd Akin whose recent verbal faux pas has brought the furies of hell down upon him. Among Akin's defenders are Janet Porter, president of Faitht2Action, Dr. Jim Garlow of Renewing American Leadership and Dr.Ted Baehr of Movieguide. (Now is the time for courage, Janet Porter, Aug. 23, 2012, WND.com) Baehr described the attacks on Rep. Akin as vicious, bigotted and insensitive and added:

"This is media and left-wing bullying at its worst. Todd is one of the few really good men in the United States. Every decent person, everyone of faith and values, every American should support him and stand up to the progressive, leftist, Democratic, media bullies.”

Dr. Jim Garlow responded:

“No doubt about it. Congressman Akin misspoke. We all do. … And he immediately did what we all have to do when we misspeak. He apologized. And well he should. But here is my question: Will the people who got understandably upset regarding his misstatement (repeating: for which he apologized) get equally upset over the fact that babies are being torn to shreds in the womb? Rape is a horrible, violent act. We all agree. Killing a baby in the womb is, too. Why am I hearing silence on that issue?” (ibid)

Janet Porter believes the Republican Party is in such trouble because as a whole it lacks courage,

"When Democrats misspeak, we make them vice president. When Republicans misspeak, Republicans are the first in line to throw them under the bus." (ibid)

With the exception of a relatively small number of clear-sighted people possessed of the courage of conviction, it simply hasn't occurred to Conservatives and Republicans in general that the most evil people are also the ones who hold Conservatives and Republicans to the highest standards. From the lowest depths of their slime pits, they who have long since become hardened pathological liars scream foul whenever a Conservative or Rep. misspeaks. One misstep and a chorus of hard-hearted hell-hounds shriek, “Off with his head!” And for the most part, Conservatives and Republicans comply by verbally cannibalizing their own as they are doing to Akin.

Why is this?

In his recent bestseller, “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?” Patrick Buchanan provides the answer. America is disintegrating said Patrick, because of three historic changes. First, America has lost her cradle faith, Christianity. Following hard on that loss, is the moral, social, and cultural collapse leading inevitably to the slow death of the people who created and ruled the nation.

What this means is that all civilizations are grounded on a shared faith, morality and understanding, and the decline of a civilization is the disintegration and loss of this faith, morality and understanding.

A society zealously safeguards its faith and understanding by passing its traditions from generation to generation, meaning that each generation rears its progeny as faithful, dutiful, unselfish citizens who revere the faith, morality, beliefs, manners, customs and laws which are the tradition of their parents. When this process fails, as it has here in America and throughout the West, then the civilization stops preserving, maintaining, and producing. Decay sets in which begins a process of corruption--of faith, morality, understanding and tradition. Now faithless citizens discard and reverse morality, manners, customs and laws.

With regard to America, a process of decay was deliberately set in motion by America’s intellectual, cultural and political elites at least eighty years ago. They utterly reject America's cradle faith and morality (Ten Commandments) and are working to transform our Western Christian republic into an amoral, gender-bending, non-life affirming, multiracial, multicultural, multilingual, multiethnic stew of a nation that has no successful precedent in the history of the world.

With every generation, the loss of America's cradle faith, morality, understanding, traditions and laws becomes more apparent. It is especially apparent with increasing numbers of the current generation of Conservatives who, rather than defending the traditional right to life, male-female distinctiveness, and traditional one man-one woman marriage now support abortion, androgyny ('gayness'), and 'gay' marriage.

When America and the West safeguarded, cherished, upheld, extended and refined its cradle faith, morality and traditions society was able to distinguish good from evil and thereby prosper. But as an increasingly faithless America and the West corrupt and discard morality, understanding and traditions, every generation reverses the nature of morality, manners, customs and institutions, thereby not only losing wisdom and facing dissolution, but embracing evil and viciously attacking anyone who does not.

In conclusion, rather than revering, respecting and upholding the Ten Commandments, our current generation finds it not only pleasurable but deeply satisfying to break them.

@Linda Kimball