The Modern Moloch State

"For he is the minister of God for thy wealth; but if thou do evil, fear: for he bears not the sword for nought: for he is the minister of God to take vengeance on him that does evil." Romans 13: 4 In other words, the state exists to serve the living God for your benefit, but if you break the law, fear may well be visited upon you. Hence the bearing of the sword.

Prior to the successful inversion of reality by godless neo-pagan humanists and their ilk, Romans 13:4 was the Western and American understanding of both the state and transgressors. When America and the West safeguarded, cherished, upheld, extended and refined its cradle faith--Christianity--and its morality, institutions, and traditions society was able to distinguish good from evil and thereby prosper, starting with the safe-guarding and dignifying of human life. Since life is a gift from God Himself and all men created in His spiritual image, then all life, from conception to natural death was protected, as was the traditional procreative one-male one-female family, for children were a gift from God and the life-blood and continuation of society.

But under the guiding hand of godless humanists America and the West began discarding and inverting morality, understanding, institutions and traditions until today we live in an upside-down alternative reality where for instance, death is celebrated rather than life cherished, androgyny has all but replaced male/female created norms and rather than revering, respecting and upholding the Ten Commandments, our current generation finds it not only pleasurable but deeply satisfying to break them. Hence evil is embraced and all who do not embrace it are viciously attacked and demonized as homophobes, traditionalists, fundamentalists, bigots, and haters.

In our modern pagan theocratic state, the true God and Genesis account have been replaced by Darwinism and self-divinized god-men, hence human beings are not created as God’s spiritual image bearers but are instead mere dehumanized aspects of the omniscient pagan theocratic state.

From antiquity, the pagan state could take the lives of its children, or any of its' members as a sacrifice to the deities of the state. Today the modern pagan state sacrifices its' members for the 'common good.' Between the pagan Soviet State and Nazi state, in excess of 160,000,000 men, women, and children were sacrificed for the 'common good.'

Whereas the worshippers of Moloch burned their living babies and children as sacrifices as a form of sacrifice and testing, today we kill them in sterile abortion clinics.

Moloch worship was state worship. The state, or socialist Big Brother and/or Omnipotent Government to use today's terminology, was the true and ultimate order and nature religion, or evolutionary science in today's pagan state, was the department of the state, the 'science' taught to every member of the theocratic state.

Big Brother together with evolutionary science are the sceptor of power in the grasping hands of the West's and America's self-divinized Ruling Class, the modern Caesars who tolerate neither non-conformist thought nor its’ spoken word-— dissent.

@Linda Kimball