The Long List of Christian Children Raped, Murdered by Muslims

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The enemedia silence on this monstrous anti-human ideology is sanction. The enemedia is just as deadly as the jihadist clutching his rusty beheading knife in his cloven grip. It's not just that the little Christian girl with Down's Syndrome was beaten (along with her mother) for "blasphemy" under the sharia, or the 12-year-old Christian boy had his ears, nose and intestines gutted as part of the reprisal for an alleged act of blasphemy, it's that this is going on daily, the persecution of non-Muslims under the sharia in Muslim countries, and the media not only says nothing; they defame, smear, and destroy those of us who shine the light on these depraved acts in the cause of Islam.

The enemedia are the true monsters.

ASIA/PAKISTAN - "The long trail of Christian children raped or killed" Agenzia Fides, August 24, 2012 (thanks to David)

Lahore (Agenzia Fides) - The last case reported to Fides happened a few days ago in Islamabad: the 14-year-old Christian Waiz Masih was killed by young Muslims, after a "discussion on religion." The boy was savagely beaten and then thrown, unconscious, in a channel. Read More: