Republicans, Torn Apart in Factions?


The Republican convention was delayed by a day on Monday. It's not a problem: The national media's preconvention spin was timed perfectly, almost as if it was on automatic pilot. In Monday's New York Times, longtime political writer Adam Nagourney regurgitated the same old, tired political spin that the Republican Party is too conservative and exclusionary on "social issues" and that their divisive stands will hurt them with "mainstream" voters.

1976. 1980. 1984. 1988. 1992. 1996. 2000. 2004. 2008. Will they ever stop saying this?

The absurdity of this is stunning, considering that on these same "social issues," there is almost no way President Obama can be further out on the other "extreme." Republicans are pro-life; Obama favors abortion for any reason, even after the baby is "accidentally" born during a botched abortion. Republicans are for marriage; Obama now openly lobbies for homosexual marriage as the far-left Democratic base is wandering toward "love is love" rhetoric that will naturally and eventually embrace polyamorous "marriages" of three or four or however many anyone wants. Read More: